New Project FINALLY finished!

Hi there, so a couple posts back I told you guys about a “secret” project I was working on. Well I have finally finished it and can share it with you. Well, it’s more like, new items I’ve been working on for my shop. They are, dun da da dunnnn…pillow covers!

So all of the pillow covers I have hand painted, and/or stenciled. I actually made most of the stencils from hand and painted them on the pillows with acrylic craft paint. So yea, I guess it isn’t that exciting, but I’m super excited about it.

The story behind this idea of mine is actually partially from my mother-in-law. I have made her a a few pillow cover in the past, which I blogged about, here are a couple  links, A bathtub and Pillows, Cushion Covers with a Zipper, Car Troubles and a Job Finished. Anyway, since I’ve made her pillows, she has been spreading the word to her friends and family, in which has landed me quite a few custom orders. My MIL refers to me as the “bag lady” and “pillow Queen” lol. So it kinda stuck with me, hence the new pillow cover idea for my shop.

Yup, so that’s it, hope you enjoyed this blog post, and hope your having an amazing tuesday!

Here a few pics of some of the pillow covers I’ve made, and here is a link to the rest of the Pillow Covers in my shop. Thanks for reading!!!




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