Hi there, so,I’ve been hunched over my sewing machine constantly! Thankfully, my little 3 year old loves to sit on my lap while I sew, which enables me to keep working for an extra hour or so. 🙂 I’m surprised she stays on my lap that long sometimes. Anyway, I have finished 3 more sets of pillow covers, I seriously am thoroughly enjoying making these.

The black and white damask covers are all hand painted/stenciled. They took me a while to paint, but they came out so beautifully! I’m impressed, I tend to think damask can be a bit overwhelming and obnoxious, but I like it. I have a red couch and the pillows actually look pretty darn good on it, I’m almost tempted to make some more for myself hee hee. Oh, the zebra printed covers are actually brown and cream, yea, for some reason my camera made them look black and white, I don’t know why.

Well, here are the pictures and links to the pillows in my shop. Hope you enjoyed this little update, and I hope  your having a wonderful thursday!


“Set of 2, Hand-painted black and white damask pillow covers


“Set of 2, Brown Zebra Printed pillow covers”


Set of 2, Red, Black, and Tan striped Pillow covers



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