Big Birthday Preparations for my soon to be 3 year old!

Today has been an amazing Tuesday, to start off, the weather was just PERFECT! It was sunny with clear blue sky’s and, get this, it was 81° with a beautiful breeze…sigh, like I said, just perfect. Anyway, I took my daughter to the park to play today, which finished with lunch and a walk by the creek. Then, towards the end of our visit, her grandmother aka “Mammy”, surprised us and took her home so I could go to the YMCA and sign little miss up for gymnastics class. All in all, a very eventful, yet not to exhausting, day!




On another note, I have be anxiously planning her BIG, 3 year old, Birthday party. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, in which we are going to the zoo, but her party is this Saturday. I have been going crazy making preparations for it. Ok, so maybe not crazy, but I’ve been stocking up on dcor, cake stuff, etc. Like last couple years, I’m going to me making her cake. This year I’ll be making cupcakes again, but I’m also going to be making her a huge cake sized cupcake. Hee Hee, I know it’s hard to explain, it’s ok though, you know I’ll be sharing lots of pictures with you guys. 🙂

So yea, here is a little something I’ve been working on for her party this weekend. I’m making my own little edible creations. For those who don’t know what that is, its fruit Kabobs that look like flowers. 😉 I’m super excited about these, I went to the dollar store and bought a couple plant pots and decked them all out real princessy!! I just painted them pink, stenciled some crowns and stars, which I made just from paper, and then just spray painted the pots with Mod Podge, a clear acrylic gloss. They turned out so cute, now just picture them with a floral arrangement of fruit kabobs…yummy and pretty and the same time!

Ok so enough of my blabbing, hope you enjoyed this post, and, as always, thanks for reading!!




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