Princess Party Success!!

Hi!!! I’m in the best mood ever!!! As you know I’ve been anxiously planning my little 3 year old’s Princess Party. Now I’m extremely exhausted, and am just taking it easy, more like being very lazy today. 😉 Anyway, it was just so wonderful, Bella thoroughly enjoyed herself, and absolutely LOVED that she was dressed as a Princess.

Of corse, I have many pictures to share, and I’m super proud of my fruit Kabob flower pots! Yes I did make her cupcakes and  cake too, but the fruit was my favorite part! Oh, and the tissue paper, princess, flower bouquets.


Hee Hee she was sitting so patiently waiting to open her presents!



My Fruit Kabob Flower pots! I tell you what though, I now understand why those Edible Arrangements are so stinking expensive. The fruit wasn’t too costly, because I went to a farmer’s market, but cutting shapes with cookie cutters on round fruit. NOT EASY, talk about a messy and timely process, but they came out pretty, so it was all worth it!


Ok so I got to admit, her big cupcake shaped cake was cute. To make it super fun, I made the inside a tie died effect. 🙂 Hmm, me and my tie die lol.



Well, that’s it, thanks for reading guys, have a wonderful Sunday!!


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