Curtains and Hot Air Balloons

Hey there, Happy Monday! Haha, yes to some it’s not so happy, to other’s it is. Oh well, somewhere in the world it’s still sunday lol. On a side note, I saw two hot air balloons on my way home the other day! It was such a beautiful picture/moment. One of them even landed next to a house near me and was being torn down! What a sight, not something you see everyday, so awesome!























Anyway, so I almost have my quilt finished, I just need to add a few more things to it, which means making a trip to the store, then it will be ready for a photo shoot! However, in the mean time, I’ve made my new curtains for my den/office/sewing area, lol. The old ones are actually folded and sitting on the couch in the photo, so you can sort of see what was there. Oh and the two palm tree covered throw pillows are going to be recovered soon to match the curtains.

I’ve been wanting to make new curtains that tie my navy blue couches and ivory furniture in my living room, with this red couch you see in the photo. When I have the throw pillows done for all three couches I will, obviously, take pics and share them with you all. I’ll do my best to take a couple photos that will have both rooms in it, but not so sure how that’ll work.  Just give me some time, 😉 all good things come for those who wait, so they say, but for me, sometimes my hands just never work fast enough…ugh. Oh well, you can’t rush quality though!

Well, thanks for reading, talk again soon, and hope you enjoy the pics!






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