Finished Quilt!!

So I have done it, I finished my quilt for my bed! It turned out so pretty, although, I didn’t take a picture of the back, honestly I just used an ivory colored sheet that matched, lol. It made it so much easier than buying more fabric and having to piece it together. I ended up using the tie method with embroidery floss, to quilt it together. I definitely over achieved when it came to quilting the front of this thing. It’s incredibly large, and I just don’t have a table long enough to keep the quilt straight enough to quilt it properly.  It’s alright, I made a pillow shame, which I need to make another one still, with the free motion quilting that I wanted to do in the center of my quilt. Oh well, it still looks nice, well I think so anyways.

Now I can finally check my quilt of my “to sew” list. Haha, which means I just need to make one more pillow sham, matching curtains, and table runners for my two dressers in my room, and then my room will be complete! Haha not so sure I’ll be able to knock all that out in a short amount of time though. After all, fabric cost money, and well, money just doesn’t grow on trees so, unfortunately, so I have to be a little patient. 😉

On a side note, I do have a few other projects to do while I’m waiting. I still have to make some throw pillows for my couches, to match my curtains, and the “other” throw pillow for my bed. Now those I do have the fabric for!! Hee hee well, my little one is having quiet time right now, which means I have time to sew! So I’m gonna scoot to the sewing machine and get to work before “quiet time” is over!

Thanks for reading, as always, I’ll talk again soon. Hope your having a wonderful Thursday!


P.S. The third photo is of the free motion quilting I did on the pillow sham!





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