Jane Austen Era Costume for my Little Sis

Hey there, hope your weekend went well! So I have had an unexpected surprise happen to me this weekend. My little sister is going to a “Sapphire Ball” this month and all the kids are suppose to dress in “Jane Austen Era” costumes. So I had the pleasure of making her a costume!!!! I have to say this is the first costume I’ve ever made, so there are a few hick-cups in it. But overall it came out beautifully, she’s gonna be the prettiest girl there! I used simplicity pattern #4055, in which I could have made my own pattern and such, but I really wanted to make sure it looked perfect!! Even though it’s not, I was very grateful to have all the pattern pieces with the right measurements all right there for me.  Although, I still had a few trial and errors. I had to add a piece of elastic to the neckline, because the neckline the pattern called for was too wide. I also added a ruffle at the top to make it a bit more modest. Well, at least it all came together in the end!! 🙂 The only thing I wasn’t able to do it steam iron it, I don’t own a steamer. However, my sister does, so she will have to steam it before she wears it. UGH, I guess I just can’t do everything I’d like to all the time. 😉

Anyway, hope you like it, and again, please forgive my lack of photography skills. Thanks for reading, I really am very appreciative with how many new subscribers and likes I’ve been getting lately. You guys really are a great encouragement for me!

OH, when my sister gets the dress, since she lives in another sate, I will have some pictures, of her wearing it, sent to me, so I’ll share those with you then!

XO Christina



Sorry this last picture is a little bit blurry!! Ugh…another major fail lol.



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