Queen Elsa’s Skirt Finished!!!

Good Morning, afternoon, or evening, hope your having a wonderful day so far. I wanted to quick share with you my latest project…Queen Elsa’s skirt! YES for little miss Bella’s b-day bash. No I didn’t add a slit to the front of the skirt, if it wasn’t going to be a kids party then I could have, but I didn’t feel it was necessary. Anyway, it’s made of of sparkly, teal, satin, and let me tell ya, I didn’t realize how easy satin is to work with. It doesn’t have any give to it, and it’s a light/medium weight. Now normally I would have added a lining, but because it’s a costume and it’s only going to be worn for about 2 hours, I wasn’t worried about that. However, I had to add 2″ to the skirt length because the girl who is playing elsa is 5′ 9″!!

Quick tip: if you find your self in need to lengthen or shorten a pattern, well usually for shirt top patterns, there is a line already printed on the pattern to lengthen or shorten. However, most skirt patterns do NOT have that feature. SO the way you would adjust it is to find the hip of the pattern, measure about an inch down, from the hip, and draw a line across the entire width of the pattern. Cut on that line and lengthen or shorten to your desired length. In the picture below you’ll see a pattern piece to part of the corset top I’m making for part of Elsa’s top. It’s hard to see but this pattern came with a lengthen or shorten line, which I cut and had to lengthen it 4″ to fit the girl I’m making it for properly.


Ok so back to the skirt, I’ll just show you the picture of it, sorry again i’m NOT a photographer, and this picture definitely does NOT give the skirt justice. It’s not as dark as portrayed in the photo, it’s a little lighter and brighter, and sparklier haha!


Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day, and for those in northern areas, STAY WARM it’s bitter cold out there!!

XO Christina

BTW: I am using this pattern to make the skirt “F” and corset top “A”, except the corset top will have a V on the center front bottom, and will fit a little more snug,  like Elsa’s. So if your wanting to make a “queen Elsa” costume, this pattern may help you. The sleeves and the cape I’m making from scratch, haha I sound like I’m cooking. So I will try and make a small photo/tutorial of the cape and shirt when I make them.



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