Car troubles and DIY Queen Elsa’s wig with snowflake pins!

Hello again, so obviously by the title you can see I’m having car issues. Thankfully we are suppose to be getting a car tomorrow, since our car now has transmissions issues. ugh ugh UGH!! Right when things are going so well, another curve ball is thrown at us. Oh well, at lease we are getting a new one soon, Praise God. I’t been almost 2 weeks we’ve been out of a car, wow is does that seem to be a long time, especially when you have an almost 4 year old who gets bored after being stuck in the house so long. ūüė¶

Aside from that, I went to party city and bought a platinum blonde wig for Queen Elsa’s hair. I have to say, if I could have afforded a better one I would have gotten it, this one was extremely difficult to work with and it’s made very poorly. Oh well, another challenge I had to concur. Elsa’s hair is just one big, introverted, french braided. With a lot of fullness on top, with some wispy pieces of hair falling out. So that’s what I did, grant it, it’s not half as good as what her hair really should look like. But, I figured she’s only going to be wearing it for an hour or two, so I don’t think the kids will mind that much.

To make the snowflake pins, I just went to joann fabrics and got Momenta Metal Snowflake Stickers, Jolee’s Boutique Dimensional Snowflake Stickers, in which I cannot find them on their website, but they are sold in the scrapbooking section there.¬†After that, I just used bobby pins that I already had.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.25.17 AMSo all I did was hot glue the boutique stickers onto the middle of the metal stickers. Then hot glued the piece to the tip of a bobby pin, hence creating Elsa’s snowflakes for her hair ;).


This is what is should come out looking like, it’s so quick and easy to make, and hey maybe I’ll even put them in my hair or Bella’s hair someday haha.

Now for the wig, I just teased the top the best I could, pulled a few pieces out, for the wispy hairs, and then french braided it. Simple enough, just add your snowflake pins to the it and your set.




Yes so I did end up trying it on to see how it would fit, after I stuffed my hair inside of the wig, which took forever since my hair is ¬†about 2 1/2 foot long, the wig didn’t look that bad. NOT ON ME, blonde is definitely NOT my color, but the overall wig was ok. I wish the front would have been better, but unfortunately it was just how the wig was made, so I didn’t really have a choice in some spots during the styling.


HAHA well have a good day, and thanks for reading, hope this was helpful for you!!

XO Christina





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