Prom Dress for Queen Elsa!

Hi there, so this past few weeks has been go go go! We are heading to Florida for a little vaca to see my family and…go to DISNEYWORLD!!! Ahhh it’s my little princess’ first time, eek I can’t wait. She keeps watching videos people have posted on YouTube of what’s at disneyworld. Hee hee she’s so excited, and I have to say, I think I might be just a wee bit more. I’ve been making tons of cute little sundresses for her. I mean ya gotta have sundresses for Florida right, 😉 those photos will come later. For now let’s talk about the title of this post.

Well, a while back, when I was making “Queen Elsa’s” costume, the girl who played her asked me to make her prom dress. Wow, I was flattered and nervous at the same time. But then she told me that she wanted an Elsa “like” dress, so I wasn’t so worried.

Anyway, the dress was a bit tricky, well the top was. It’s a three piece dress, It has a corset top, skirt, and a sash that goes around her waist. In the photos you can’t see the sash very well, but it’s made of a sheer stretch material with sparkles, and it is floor length. So when she is walking it almost cascades behind her and touches the floor.

The top is made of a royal purple sequin fabric, with a black lining and has a zipper closure. I gotta say working with sequins is not an easy task. There were little tiny pieces of sequins flying all over the place when I was cutting the fabric. Then making sure all those little guys are facing the same direction during the sewing. Haha I still think I have some floating around somewhere. Oh well the end result was very rewarding.

Well enough of my blabbing, here are the pics of the dress. Hope you like them. Thanks for reading!!!

Oh by the way, I had some extra fabric so I made her a little clutch purse to go with it. 😉

Xo Christina





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