Modeling a new dress!!

Hi all, I know i’ts been a really long time since I last blogged. Sorry about that, my hubby took me and Bella to visit family for my birthday! it was so fun, we were staying with my aunt and uncle, who live on a lake in michigan. It was so fun and beautiful. We got some really great pictures of us, and of corse, all Bella wanted to do was play in the lake, chase the seagulls, and swing on the  beach playground swing set.


Anyway, after coming home and getting back into the groove of things, I have finally managed to sit down at my sewing machine. In which I am still super amazed at how awesome my new sewing machine is. 🙂 So yeah, I made Bella a new dress, I wanted to experiment with using ‘T-shirt” material. That kind of fabric is soft and perfect for little ones.

To make it, I just used one of Bella’s tank tops as a template for the top and attached a gathered skirt to it, with a pretty ribbon belt. I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think? It’s just real simple and comfortable, great for the rest of the summer.

Well, I hope your day is going great, talk to you all again soon!!




The Beginnings of the Layette

Today, so far, has been a productive day. Started off a little shaky, my poor princess has croup so we are battling that right now, lots of steam showers. 😦 Anyway, during her nap today I finished making a dress I started on last night. Which, might I add, turned out PERFECT, not trying to sound conceited or anything. Oh and I yesterday, I finished making her “throw” blanket for her crib, part of her bumper, and all the ties for the bumper made. Shish, talk about cramming!! Lol but it’s alright, I’m in like, major sewing/work mode lol. Now if only the clean up in between was easier. Hmmm…it always seems soo easy to make the mess, but when it comes time to clean up…ick ;). So yeah her are pictures of my accomplishments. Hope you like them!



Thankfulness and Order

Hi guys, I have a verdict on my car. They said a couple of the fan censors were shot,which is essential for keeping your engine cool. Thankfully, for only $200, they now have beed replaced. They said there’s nothing else wrong with our car, so I’m praying that verdict stays, when I pick my car up in the morning.

That being said, I am pleased to say, I have finished the cute little sundress for my order. Again, a job well done (not being conceited).:)

My apologies for the photo, doesn’t to the dress justice to well.

Now that my stress level has gone down significantly, I’am exhausted.  So, dear friends, I bid you good-night. I shall blog to you all tomorrow. I can’t believe how fast this day has gone…wheew!


Custom Order and a Sleepy Baby

Hello again friends, to start of this fine monday, I’d like to say GOOD MORNING!! I hope your weekend was as fabu as mine. 🙂 This morning my little one decided to wake up at 6:30, eeek, the only good thing about that is she took an early nap. It was too cute, she was sitting on her new princess couch/chair, eating, and watching her favorite baby einstein movie. When suddenly, she got up, grabbed her blanky and pacifier, walked to the side of my bed and said and I quote, “Mommy, up, Mommy, up” repeatedly, until I picked her up, and laid in bed with her. So precious, she fell fast asleep, cuddling up close to her mommy. Sigh…my heart just melted, she knew she was sleepy and wanted her mommy, what more could I ask for. God has blessed me incredibly with the perfect little angel.

Now, I promised you I would have something more interesting in my next post, so here it is. I have my first CUSTOM order for a sundress. You remember the sundresses I was making for Bella and my sister. Well, if you don’t, here is a pic of what the finished product will look like. I’m soooo excited, I just can’t wait to get sewing, so to speak.  Oh, btw, I have also finished the pink flower pin cushion for my friend. It turned out perfect, here’s a pic of that one too. Now all I have to do is finish making the two custom pillows for my mother-in-law, and then I can get started on the sundress.

Hope you have a marvelous monday,


Projects and a Wedding!!

Finally I finished another pretty dress for Bella, and I think I finally have perfected it enough to start making them for my shop!! I am super excited about all this. Oh, and another thing coming soon to the shop, is young girls gathered skirts! Just gotta work the kinks out of those now, so just give me a few weeks.
Here are previews of the things I have been working on, I made my little sister two dresses and my older little sister a gathered skirt! Hope you guys like them and keep a look out in the shop for those uploads.

You may be wondering what the “Wedding” headline is meaning, well, I am headed to florida tomorrow to sing in my best friends wedding. It is sooo exciting, but I am shaking will nervousness! I’m going to be singing while she is walking down the isle, no pressure right! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that if I do not post anything new over the next week, you know why!

Until next time, thanks for reading

~Christina G.

Purple Paisley
dress…made this one for my youngest little sis too!

Dress # 2 for youngest sis

Last but not least…another purple paisley print, this time in a gathered skirt!

Note: the girls will be matching when they go to church on sunday, too cute!! 🙂

1 down 2 to go…

Yea so I finished yet another sundress and it came our just shy of perfect! Not to sound conceited, but I am quite proud of myself. I still can’t believe how cute it turned out!! And to top it off, my little model actually posed for the picture :).

Anyway, enough talk here are the pics…

H ere is a better view of the dress

Attempting new things

Hello again, I hope your tuesday is going great! First off I want to apologize for not getting the other items photographed and up in the shop yet. Unable to catch her in time, my poor little princess got her first shiner the other day by falling and hitting her head on the coffee table. ☹ So my model for all the Bella Headbands, and Bella Bows, is on leave for now. Just a few more days and then they should be up!!

Getting that out of the way, I just wanted to share with you something new and exciting I have been experimenting with. It is called a Tsumami Kansashi flower hair clip. Also know as the japanese plum flower or, UME. It was a challenge at first, kinda still is a little bit, but I definitely plan on perfecting it.

Isn’t it just too cute!!

Anyway just wanted to keep you guys updated and all that good stuff. I’m gonna go get crackin on perfecting theses little babies, before the little munchkin wakes up!!