Exciting news!!!

Hello there, so I have some very big and exciting news to share with you all. After a long 9 months, we are pregnant!! The baby is due in January, and we are just so overwhelmed with joy. My daughter Bella, who is 5 now, is soo excited to be a big sister, it’s the highlight of most of her conversations. Haha, I think every cashier, restaurant, bank teller, etc, that we go to, knows that she’s going to be a big sister. Or as she puts it, “there’s a baby in my mommies tummy, I’m a big sister!”. We won’t know what the baby is until September sometime, in which by then you will start to see all the knew baby projects I’ll be sewing up. I can’t wait to start making a layette…along with many other things ;).

Well, that’s it for now, more pics and projects to come. Hope your having a great day, talk again soon!


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Busy Book for Christmas….

Hi there, so I wanted to share with you the busy Busy Book I just finished for my best friend Cynthia’s daughter. She called me a while ago and asked me to make one for her daughter for Christmas. Well, I know I’m early, but you know me, once I start a project I have to finish it. 🙂 SO, here are some pics of it. My daughter Bella was by my side, “testing the product” as I was finishing each page lol. She of corse asked me to make her another busy book with some of the features in this one, especially the potatoe head page.

So for those of you who have seen my previous blog posts, about a year ago I made one for Bella. Here’s a link to the post. “Cloth Busy Book”. Well, I’m sure you can see I made this one a little different. Honestly, this one is made way better!! Instead of hot glueing everything together, except the pages, I’ve sewn all the pieces/pages. It’s so much more sturdy and will hold up longer. At first I wasn’t really looking forward to changing thread colors, but then I remembered I had clear thread, so I just used that for the entire book! It actually was a lot easier to sew everything then to hot glue it. Saved me time and the pain of burning my fingers on tiny pieces of felt. 😉

All in all, I had a blast making it, and I’m pretty sure I will be making more. Well, I know I have to make one for Bella at least. I’m thinking I’m going add a noah’s ark page, and Jonah and the whale, maybe a brush your teeth page. I don’t know, I’ll figure it out, however, I do know that I will definitely be making one in the same manner as I made this one. NOT the kind I made for Bella originally, sheesh that one was a pain in the neck!

Well, that’s it for today, thanks for reading, hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!


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Quick Update….


Hello again, I know it’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to share with you. Unfortunately,  life has been crazy lately for me. Let’s see, where do I even begin…Well, this summer was awesome. We spent the day pool side pretty much, soaking up the sun before the bitter cold sets in. Oh, in which apparently it’s suppose to snow next weekend, ugh. Anyway, back to this summer, well I’ll just rattle off a list of everything.

My Mother-in-law got two chihuahua puppies named Pablo and stinking cute!! Went to the zoo a few times. Bella started taking Ballet classes, Music classes, and Drama classes, I turned 25, woohoo my car issuance went down!! We went to Florida and Maryland to spend some much needed time visiting my family. My husband and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary, which marks 7 years of being together. Went to a wedding and celebrated the marriage of my husbands cousin, which brought back many wonderful memories. And last but not least, found out two people who are very close and dear to me are pregnant! One being my sister-in-law, her first, and the other my best friend, her second. So it’s baby bliss going on all around me!!!

So that about wraps up what these past few months have been like. Now I’m going sewing crazy making things for my SIL’s baby. They decided to do an aquatic theme for the nursery, which is very appropriate seeing as she lives in FLorida. So I’ve made a few little plushie’s for the baby, they are far from perfect, but still adorable. I’ll make more once we know what the baby is.

Well, thanks for reading, I’ve attached a few pics, hope you enjoy.


IMG_3176 IMG_3330 IMG_3430 IMG_3548 IMG_3539

Pause for some Cushions ;)

Well, in the process of making my Quilt, I was given another fun project, chair cushions for my MIL’s porch. Their made of outdoor canvas material, and are just a simple boxed cushion. I added ties to each corner to secure them to the chairs. The fabric is super easy to work with, and the colors are so vibrant and happy. 😉 It was nice to have a little breather, in between making my quilt.

Sorry I was meaning to post up pics a few days ago, but didn’t get the chance to. My Mil also has a bench rocker on her porch that I may be making a longer matching cushion for. Unsure if that’a happening yet, but if it does, I’ll share pictures with you…of corse.

So my next post will be my finished quilt. I am working on making some pillow cases and matching throw pillows. Although, I’m at a dead end currently, I have to make a quick run to my local fabric store to get only….get this….ONE yard of fabric. HA only one!!! I need to make another pillow case, go figure I decide to make pillow cases and I run out of fabric, just my luck. Oh well, just another excuse to head to the fabric store, which is like my mall. I could get lost in there and not even care if I was found.

Ok well, it’s late and I need to wrap this up and head to bed.

Thanks for reading, and be on the look out for my next post!!




Quilt-as-you-go Crib Quilt

Hi there, so can you tell my favorite color is royal blue and that I love peacocks lol! 😉 So I know the title says crib quilt, which is the actual size of this. However, this is just a sample I made for a class I’m teaching. I’m actually going to be making a queen sized quilt like this for my bed. Except, instead of having diagonal pieces I’m going to make a striped quilt that has all pieces parallel to one another. I think that will look a little better than this one.

Anyway, so a while back I blogged about some quilt-as-you-go placemats I made for my table. Well This is the same technique just incorporated into a stripy quilt.

For those of you who haven’t tried this technique in quilting before, you definitely should. It cuts the time literally in half, which makes quilting so much more fun, well to me it does. It’s really a great technique, you don’t have to worry about puckering, and bunching, etc. and by the time your done adding all the pieces to your quilt, all you have to do is add the binding and your done! Ha I Love it!!

I’ll be starting on my quilt for my bed soon, in which I’ll give you updates for that. So until then, I hope you have a marvelous Memorial Day weekend. I know I will be, lots of fun family time to look forward.

Thanks for reading,




Prom Dress for Queen Elsa!

Hi there, so this past few weeks has been go go go! We are heading to Florida for a little vaca to see my family and…go to DISNEYWORLD!!! Ahhh it’s my little princess’ first time, eek I can’t wait. She keeps watching videos people have posted on YouTube of what’s at disneyworld. Hee hee she’s so excited, and I have to say, I think I might be just a wee bit more. I’ve been making tons of cute little sundresses for her. I mean ya gotta have sundresses for Florida right, 😉 those photos will come later. For now let’s talk about the title of this post.

Well, a while back, when I was making “Queen Elsa’s” costume, the girl who played her asked me to make her prom dress. Wow, I was flattered and nervous at the same time. But then she told me that she wanted an Elsa “like” dress, so I wasn’t so worried.

Anyway, the dress was a bit tricky, well the top was. It’s a three piece dress, It has a corset top, skirt, and a sash that goes around her waist. In the photos you can’t see the sash very well, but it’s made of a sheer stretch material with sparkles, and it is floor length. So when she is walking it almost cascades behind her and touches the floor.

The top is made of a royal purple sequin fabric, with a black lining and has a zipper closure. I gotta say working with sequins is not an easy task. There were little tiny pieces of sequins flying all over the place when I was cutting the fabric. Then making sure all those little guys are facing the same direction during the sewing. Haha I still think I have some floating around somewhere. Oh well the end result was very rewarding.

Well enough of my blabbing, here are the pics of the dress. Hope you like them. Thanks for reading!!!

Oh by the way, I had some extra fabric so I made her a little clutch purse to go with it. 😉

Xo Christina




Car troubles and DIY Queen Elsa’s wig with snowflake pins!

Hello again, so obviously by the title you can see I’m having car issues. Thankfully we are suppose to be getting a car tomorrow, since our car now has transmissions issues. ugh ugh UGH!! Right when things are going so well, another curve ball is thrown at us. Oh well, at lease we are getting a new one soon, Praise God. I’t been almost 2 weeks we’ve been out of a car, wow is does that seem to be a long time, especially when you have an almost 4 year old who gets bored after being stuck in the house so long. 😦

Aside from that, I went to party city and bought a platinum blonde wig for Queen Elsa’s hair. I have to say, if I could have afforded a better one I would have gotten it, this one was extremely difficult to work with and it’s made very poorly. Oh well, another challenge I had to concur. Elsa’s hair is just one big, introverted, french braided. With a lot of fullness on top, with some wispy pieces of hair falling out. So that’s what I did, grant it, it’s not half as good as what her hair really should look like. But, I figured she’s only going to be wearing it for an hour or two, so I don’t think the kids will mind that much.

To make the snowflake pins, I just went to joann fabrics and got Momenta Metal Snowflake Stickers, Jolee’s Boutique Dimensional Snowflake Stickers, in which I cannot find them on their website, but they are sold in the scrapbooking section there. After that, I just used bobby pins that I already had.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.25.17 AMSo all I did was hot glue the boutique stickers onto the middle of the metal stickers. Then hot glued the piece to the tip of a bobby pin, hence creating Elsa’s snowflakes for her hair ;).


This is what is should come out looking like, it’s so quick and easy to make, and hey maybe I’ll even put them in my hair or Bella’s hair someday haha.

Now for the wig, I just teased the top the best I could, pulled a few pieces out, for the wispy hairs, and then french braided it. Simple enough, just add your snowflake pins to the it and your set.




Yes so I did end up trying it on to see how it would fit, after I stuffed my hair inside of the wig, which took forever since my hair is  about 2 1/2 foot long, the wig didn’t look that bad. NOT ON ME, blonde is definitely NOT my color, but the overall wig was ok. I wish the front would have been better, but unfortunately it was just how the wig was made, so I didn’t really have a choice in some spots during the styling.


HAHA well have a good day, and thanks for reading, hope this was helpful for you!!

XO Christina