Made a New Purse for Me!!!

Hi guys, sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Just a brief update, unfortunately we went through a miscarriage this June. Yes it was a sad time, it was difficult, but thankfully everything turned out OK.thankfully I got lucky, I didn’t actually miss carry a baby. I ended up having a blighted over, which means, the egg was fertilized and attached to my uterine wall, but no baby actually grew. So they ended up calling it an early miscarriage. But, my health and everything is going good sorts, and we are currently able to try for another baby. So if you get a chance, prayers would be appreciated for this next adventure that we are going through. 

Now enough sad talk, let’s get to my purse!! Usually every year on my birthday I get a new vera Bradley Crossbody bag, however,  this year, I decided to make myself a new purse. I’ve had some vinyl fabric sitting around collecting dust in my fabric drawers for the past couple years. So, this year I decided to make this awesome bag. My favorite part about it is the peacock feather, of course, because as you know, I’m completely obsessed with peacocks ha ha. 

Ok enough of my jibber jabber, here’s some pics for ya, let me know what you think!!

Talk again soon,




BIG Update…lots of photos!!

Well hello, it’s been a long while since I’ve given an update. So let me go ahead and appologize for letting my life be in the way of my blogging. I so love to blog and share, but sometimes, life just gets in the way.

I’ve been super busy sewing and crafting lately. The most recent project is a glider rocker and ottoman that I made removable covers for. It’s so pretty, the fabric that was chosen is very fun and bright, it’s for a nursery. Haha, obviously they are having a girl. 😉

This project came at the perfect time, I was actually in the process of recovering my glider and ottoman too. Although, I’ve just covered my ottoman, still working on the chair.



The chair will also be covered in the same fabric. It’s really been something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, I just finally have gotten time to do it. Let me tell ya though, having removable covers, such a huge blessing. This way I can wash them instead of have them reupholstered. Even the ottoman, I just added elastic to the bottom of it for easy removal. Sorry don’t have a pic of that yet,  Those pics will come when I’m finished.

Ok, so the next thing I was working on was for my sister-in-law. I helped throw a baby shower for her a little over a month ago and went crazy making blankets for the baby!!! Unfortunately, I don’t have pics for those at the moment. Currently, I am blogging on my phone and it’s late at night, and well, I don’t feel like rolling out of bed and turning my computer on to finish this blog to add the pictures. 😁 no worries, I’ll be posting those pictures too on my next blog.

Ok, last but not least, we just finished giving my daughter a big “My Little Pony” themed 5th birthday party!! Yes she is 5 now!!! My little girl is not so little anymore. She’s growing so fast, sheesh, where does the time go. Anyway, I had so much fun planning and prepping for this party. Of corse I made some decorations and, not to brag, but I made her the coolest rainbow cake ever!!! Seriously, I honestly didn’t think it was going to come out this good. I’m more proud of this cake then anything I’ve ever sewn/crafted!

Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed from her precious birthday parties I’ve blogged about, her parties are usually costume parties. Well, this time she wanted to be one of the characters named Rainbow Dash. Well, that character is a Pegasus. So, naturally a Pegasus needs wings right…well wings she got. They were so fun to make, I made them out of felt and sturdy interfacing. I can’t think of what the interfacing is called right now, but it’s used for dividers in purses and what not, as a stabilizer.

IMG_4737 IMG_4745 IMG_4731

Well, that’s all I have for now, it’s late, and I’m finally getting tired. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I’ll be posting in the next couple days to share more with you . Have a good night, well morning now. 😉

Xo Christina

Quick Update….


Hello again, I know it’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to share with you. Unfortunately,  life has been crazy lately for me. Let’s see, where do I even begin…Well, this summer was awesome. We spent the day pool side pretty much, soaking up the sun before the bitter cold sets in. Oh, in which apparently it’s suppose to snow next weekend, ugh. Anyway, back to this summer, well I’ll just rattle off a list of everything.

My Mother-in-law got two chihuahua puppies named Pablo and stinking cute!! Went to the zoo a few times. Bella started taking Ballet classes, Music classes, and Drama classes, I turned 25, woohoo my car issuance went down!! We went to Florida and Maryland to spend some much needed time visiting my family. My husband and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary, which marks 7 years of being together. Went to a wedding and celebrated the marriage of my husbands cousin, which brought back many wonderful memories. And last but not least, found out two people who are very close and dear to me are pregnant! One being my sister-in-law, her first, and the other my best friend, her second. So it’s baby bliss going on all around me!!!

So that about wraps up what these past few months have been like. Now I’m going sewing crazy making things for my SIL’s baby. They decided to do an aquatic theme for the nursery, which is very appropriate seeing as she lives in FLorida. So I’ve made a few little plushie’s for the baby, they are far from perfect, but still adorable. I’ll make more once we know what the baby is.

Well, thanks for reading, I’ve attached a few pics, hope you enjoy.


IMG_3176 IMG_3330 IMG_3430 IMG_3548 IMG_3539

Peacock Quilt-as-you-go quilt set is finally done!!!

Yay it’s finished!!!!! I finally finished my queen sized quilt-as-you-go quilt for my bed!! I love it, I even made some matching pillows. I still have to make one more pillow case, I ran out of fabric for it. But I just haven’t been able to get to the fabric store, and I’ve been dying to share this with you. It took a while but it was well worth it. I hope you can see the colors and details of the fabrics good in the photos. It has a lot of shimmery gold accents in it.

As you can see by my headline, I used the infamous quilt-as-you-go method. It was so simple to do, just was a lot a fabric 😉 ok so I hope I don’t sound conceited, but this is the best quilt I’ve ever made. Every line is straight and when it’s folded, the corners all match up perfectly…I’m so proud of it EEK!

Ok enough of me raving about it, here are the pics, hopefully it lives up to my gloating. There is one photo my quilt being held up, well it’s pretty heavy, so it doesn’t make the stripes look like they are perfectly parallel to one another. I can assure you they are though. I really tried my absolute best to make them perfect. Ugh, I’m really not a perfectionist at all. But when it comes to my work, aka anything crafty or dealing with sewing, I am lol. Oh well, the end result is stunning, hope you like it just as much as I do!

Thanks for reading

Xo Christina





Quilt-as-you-go Queen Quilt for my bed…

Hello again, so I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I sure did, spent lots of much needed time with my family. And of corse paid my respects to what this day represents. I have a cousin in Afghanistan right now, so my heart goes out to him and his family. We all are praying he has a safe return home soon.

On another note, I have started making my queen sized quilt for my bed, like I’d mentioned in my last post. Yes, I am using the quilt-as-you-go method, and it’s awesome. I really can’t express to you how much I do love this. It’s so simple and makes it so much more fun when making a quilt.

I mentioned previously how I would be changing it a bit, compared to the last quilt I made, for my previous quilt-as-you-go quilt. In the previous one, it had random diagonal stripes of fabric that sat horizontally across the quilt. Well in this one, as you can see, I’m making even, 6″, parallel stripes, still going horizontally across my quilt. I really thing it gives the quilt a more finished and professional look. The other one is fun and edgy, but I dunno, it just didn’t sync well with me.

Well, I hope you enjoy the pics, even though they are absolutely horrible. The lighting in my house does absolutely no justice for it. The colors are much more royal then seen in the pics.

Thanks for reading



A Frozen Birthday Bash!!

So after much preparing, baking cupcakes and cake, sewing, searching on pintrest, and crafting, my daughter’s 4th “Frozen themed” birthday party is over and was a success!!! As you know, a friend of a friend, lol, played the character “Queen Elsa” from the Disney movie Frozen. I made her costume, styled her wig, and made the snowflake pins for the wig, in which I blogged about previously. Well, I have to say I am glad it’s over and I can relax a bit, but it was also so amazing! All the kids went crazy, especially my Bella. She was a little nervous at first, but then was so over joyed to be spending her special day with her favorite Disney Princess.

Elsa was AMAZING!! She must have been asked a million questions by the kids, in which she answered them ALL perfectly. She sang the hit song “Let it Go” with all the kids, while all of the kids were belting out the words with her lol. Whenever Elsa was walking around, Bella kept picking up her cape so no one would step on it, so adorable.  After all her “duties” were done, which was about an hour, she chose to stay longer, until the end of the party for that matter! She even herded all the kids outside to play! WOW, word’s just do NOT express how wonderful she was, such a blessing.

Well, aside from Elsa’s costume, I also made about 70% of all the decorations for her party. I usually go crazy making decorations for all of her birthday parties anyways, but this one in particular I went all out on. I made so many origami white Christmas trees, that I glittered up, used a few different kinds of paper to make cone trees, and glittered those up too,  a few banners, drew a huge olaf for pin the nose on Olaf, made a Piñata, etc.

For food it was simple, although, I made the cutest little march mellow Olaf heads. Ok so they weren’t perfect, but they still served their purpose. Aside from all that, everything else was simple and fun. Of corse I have so many pictures for you to see. I hope you enjoy them all, and thanks for reading!

Hope your having a wonderful day!

XO Christina

P.S Towards the end of the party poor Elsa’s wig was starting to loose it’s grip on her head, so the last few pics you see her hairline. Oh well the kids didn’t notice one bit…SCORE!










By the way this is the Olaf I drew for Pin the nose on Olaf! And I also made the “Frozen” piñata, which I will never be doing again. That took like 5 hours to make, and my fingers had blisters on them afterwards from the hot glue…OUCH!




This was when Elsa was singing “Let it Go” with all the kids…definitely made the party!






It’s Been a LONG While!!!

Hi there, so yes this is the record for the longest I haven’t posted!! AHH I’m soo sorry, so here are a few updates that have been going on in my life lately.

Wheew, where do I begin, well, the beginning of November I had a craft show, so I was super busy sewing and preping for that. Thanksgiving and Christmas flew by in a flash!! We went to Michigan to visit my family for Thanksgiving, that was so fun, I got to see family I haven’t seen in about a year, and friends I haven’t seen in about 15 years! Such an awesome experience, the last day we were there, we all went to see the Disney movie Frozen…let me pause there for a second. First off that has got to be the best disney princess movie I have seen, aside from Tangled, in a long time. Bella absolutely LOVED it, haha enough to beg us to see in 2 more times in theaters. Lol so yes, we are completely FOZEN obsessed!

For Christmas we just stayed home, which was really nice, last year we weren’t here, we were in Florida visiting family. SO this year, I was able to go Christmas decorating crazy in my house. Haha that was so fun. Bella kept asking me to take all the ornaments off the tree so we could decorate it again :). OF corse my husband and I got her pretty much all Frozen themed gifts, have to say we both as adults, are in love with that movie too! OH something that is completely awesome and crazy, right, so I went to the disney store in the mall about, mmm, 3 weeks before Christmas. Ok so, of corse, I got her a few little “Frozen” toys and then I saw their costume for Queen Elsa! Well, a while back before the movie was even in theaters, a good friend of the family got Bella the “Princess Anna” costume for Halloween. So of corse I had to get her the matching sister costume. 😉 Anyway, I bought it and then about a week later, we went to the mall again as a family, for more fun filled Christmas shopping. Wouldn’t you know ALL of the “Queen Elsa” costumes were SOLD OUT! So out of curiosity I asked them how long did it take for them to sell out, seeing as I was just there a week ago. Yeah, they said oh about 2 days after you bought yours. WHAT!!! I’m still asking myself how I managed to buy a costume that is now SOLD OUT and on back order nation wide. WOW haha very proud mama moment that was.

I also have been making some cute dresses for Bella, I made my first ever corduroy dress for her, which turned out super cute. Pictures of all the dresses I’ve made will come later, I promise.

Aside from all that, I got the stomach flu for the first time in about 10 years, ugh that was no fun. And during that epidemic, I have been busy helping a local theater with some of their costumes for a kids play “the Jungle Book”. I’m so excited to take Bella, it will be her first play, and we know a few of the characters in it, so I’m anxious to see if she recognizes them. On that note, I am currently in the process of working on making an adult sized, “Queen Elsa” costume, for a friend of a friend, who will be playing Queen Elsa for Bella 4th birthday party next month. OH my gosh I’m soooo excited, I can’t wait to see Bella’s face when she walks in the door! And I’m even more excited to be making this costume, ugh but I definitely have my work cut out form me!

Ok  well I have lots of work to do today, so I hope you all are having a wonderful day. As always, thanks for reading!!

XO Christina