Going back to school projects

Ok so I’ve finished a few going back to school projects for a friend of mine. They are super fun and easy to do. I made a pencil case, a little  pleated wristlet, in which I used a pattern from my “Bags” pattern book, and a school planner. I downloaded the planner pages template from it’s really a great template. Unfortunately, I do not have a very good graphic design program on my computer, not to mention, I work better with my hands, NOT a computer lol. So this was an amazing help for my project.

However, on the planner, I think I’m going to be getting some Spring opening O rings instead of the wire I used. The wire just doesn’t seem to be cutting it, plus, the o rings will hold the book together better, and she can add pages if she needs to!

These projects were so fun!!! I was able to use some of my scrap fabrics I’ve saved over the years to make them! HAHA now I definitely know why I never get rid of my scraps. 😉 Especially for the little wristlet, I’ve had the fabric for that for two years. And I have so many zippers, I’m always finding those in sale bins all over the place. I think I have like twenty zippers that I’m just waiting to use.

Ok, enough of my babbling, today is Wednesday, “Hump Day” which means the week is almost over. I can’t believe it, this week has flown by…sigh where does the time go!

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk again soon!!

XO Christina











Family Handprint Painting!

Hello again, so I have not been sewing that much lately, but I’ve been busy painting!!! Haha I’ve seen a lot of family tree paintings lately and decided to do my own twist of one. I love how it came out. LOL my husband wasn’t too pleased with having hands full of paint, but my 3 year old was HA! She loved it, it took everything in her to not smudge her little hands all over my canvas. 😉 But they both did very well, and it was a great finish to my masterpiece!

Well, I hope you enjoy the photos, and as always thanks for reading!

XO Chrisitna




Notions Traveling Case!

So I’m super excited about this post!! In exactly four days I will be traveling to Florida to visit my family for a whole MONTH, WooHoo!! Anyway, I’m going to be bringing my sewing machine, along with a bunch of other fun stuff to work on and with my mom and sister, as well as give a few lessons. However, in the shuffle of gathering together things to pack, I realized, I don’t really have a case for my sewing notions. 😦

In my search to try and fix this dilemma, I remembered the blog Olivia Jane Handcrafted that I follow. In a one of her posts, she shared a “Good Folks Notions Notebook”. This was an absolutely BRILLIANT idea, it’s so perfect for traveling and/or just to have to keep your sewing notions organized. So graciously, she let me use her idea, and make one for myself. It turned out  so awesome, perfect, and it’s just what I needed! Be sure to check out her blog, and on it, there’s a link to her ETSY shop, where she has some pretty amazing stuff  there too.

SOOO yeah, that’s it for today, I have lots of cleaning and packing to do for my trip. Oh… I promise I will still blog while I’m in Florida!

Thanks to reading

XO Christina

P.S. Again my photography is horrific, the book is actually a straight rectangle shape, perhaps I should have take the stuff out before I photographed the exterior lol…oops 😦

I machine embroidered some of the flowers….that was really fun!

Stormed with Devastation

Hi guys, sorry it, yet again, has been a while since my last blog post. I have been extremely busy…you see, I’m getting ready to go to florida to visit my family for the month of december…WOHOO!! I’m super excited, and am busy preparing for the trip. Oh and the fact that Hurricane Sandy has left us without power for a week….Yeah! We finally got our power back on yesterday. I don’t think I have ever been so exhausted in my life!

We pretty much stayed out all hours of the day, except for nap and bed times, because it was freezing and pitch black in our house. And for the last three days of no power we stayed at my husbands Uncle’s house, who has a 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter. So you see what I mean when I say I’m exhausted. I think the last time I was this sleep depraved was when my Bella was a newborn…Sheesh!

Well sorry this blog post was a bit on the boring side. I’m just thanking God we are safe and finally have power back on! Who knew taking a nice HOT shower in my own shower was such a luxury lol. Sometimes we just seem to take too much for granted. 😉 OH, I forgot to mention that we have a rain/wind/snowstorm headed our way now!! Just can’t catch a break, hopefully we’ll get lucky and our power wont go out!

Well thanks for reading, sorry no pics this time!


My 3rd Year Anniversary and A Diaper Bag for my BFF!

Hi again, so I have exciting news!! Today is my husband Ali and I’s 3rd year anniversary! I can’t believe we have been married for 3 years already, sheesh how time flies. God certainly has blessed me with him, sometimes I can’t believe he’s mine…lol. Anyway, enough of that.

More big best friend Cynthia is due to have her baby in December…Wohoo!!! And for her shower gift I am making her a diaper bag. Anyway, I’m not sure if you remember, but a while ago I blogged about “My first Zippered Purse”. Well, I made it with fabric from  Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern collection. I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to say next lol…she  loved that fabric selection and asked me to use that fabric to make her diaper bag out of. SOo, that is what I’m doing! So far, I have finished making the flap for the bag.Ok so I know the bottom of the flap look uneven, but I assure you it most definitely straight! I’m not sure why my camera picked it up like that, must have hit a bad angle 😦And this is the what the lining is going to look like!

So yeah, there it is, I still have a lot to do. Thanks for reading guys and I hope your having a wonderful day!


Stop Bullying….

Hello friends, I know this topic is completely off what I normally share with you all, but I feel this subject needs to be addressed.

Just recently, in a school a few counties over from me, a friend of mine’s niece was severely beat up by a foot ball player for being gay. She suffered from multiple concussions, a fractured jaw, sever bruising, etc. Long story short, the football player only got a 5 day suspension, and it seems as if the school and authorities are not encouraging her to press charges. An officer who was dealing with the situation even told her that he was going to be taking the football players side. All because she “pushed him back” and it would ruin his chances at making pro possibly. When I heard this, it disgusted me!!

Many people don’t know this, but all through out my elementary,  middle school, and high school years, I was bullied. In fact, I used to come home from school crying begging my mom to home school me because of this. Finally, when I was in 7th grade my mom decided to home school me. Due to certain circumstances, I went back to school for 10th and 11th grade and then I was home schooled again my senior year because at the time, the school I attended did not participate in day time, dual enrollment. Anyway, through out the time I went to a school, I dunno, maybe I just didn’t know how to deal with things I went through in life. I was a very insecure and obnoxious, wanting to be accepted by…everyone, seeking attention in all the wrong areas. Because of this, I always was made fun of, and the RUMORS, don’t forget about those. Horrible things people say, that aren’t true and for what reason? Because that person is different? No one seems to stop and think about what that individual is going through, or what they have gone through? Or think, why are they acting the way they do? This is something I will never understand, and why people can be dumb enough to believe these rumors, and then add to them and spread them even more? I haven’t a clue! Aside from those, being bullied can change you, I know that as a result of being bullied, I became very insecure about myself in which caused me to act out in ways I never intended to. And yes there were days I would still go home and cry after high school even, all because of things people would make fun of me about. But no matter what a person looks like, acts like, dresses, if they are gay, or straight, what ever the case may be. There is absolutely no excuse for bullying!!!

I say all this to please help stop the bullying, if you or you know someone who is being bullied. Please, please, PLEASE, don’t ignore it . There are so many different things you can do to help prevent it!

Anyway, I’ve said what I wanted to say on this, and I really hope you’ll also help to raise awareness of this.



My first Vinyl women’s wallet!!

Hello again!! I know I have been MIA for a while now. Sorry about that, let’s just say I hada a few soul searching things to deal with lol. Anyway, not here to talk about that non-sense. For a while, I have needed to get a new wallet, but it just seems to be so darn hard for me to find the “perfect” one in stores, I can’t even find one I really like online. And if I so happen to find a certain style I like, I don’t like the color, or visa-versa, blah blah blah. So I did some experimenting and made one that is both the style and color I like!!

As always, the first one is based on trial and error ;), so aside from a few crooked lines,  I really think the overall design came out great!! I’m going to play around with it some more and maybe add an id pocket, etc. I was so excited to finally get a chance to work with vinyl! I find it to be so much sturdier then having to interface regular fabrics. Who knows, maybe I’ll even play around with the embroidery on my machine. Maybe put a few flowers or something on the outside of the next wallet I make.

Hmm what else, I guess that’s it for now. I promise I will definitely try and not leave you guys hangin for so long next time, again my  apologies for that one!

Well, that said, here are some pictures of it, keep in mind it is still a work in progress. Thanks for reading and talk to you all soon!


This is one of my favorite part’s about this wallet. when you open it, the center of it has the full picture of the birds!!!