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Exciting news!!!

Hello there, so I have some very big and exciting news to share with you all. After a long 9 months, we are pregnant!! The baby is due in January, and we are just so overwhelmed with joy. My daughter Bella, who is 5 now, is soo excited to be a big sister, it’s the highlight of most of her conversations. Haha, I think every cashier, restaurant, bank teller, etc, that we go to, knows that she’s going to be a big sister. Or as she puts it, “there’s a baby in my mommies tummy, I’m a big sister!”. We won’t know what the baby is until September sometime, in which by then you will start to see all the knew baby projects I’ll be sewing up. I can’t wait to start making a layette…along with many other things ;).

Well, that’s it for now, more pics and projects to come. Hope your having a great day, talk again soon!


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Hexagon Free Motion Quilted Pillow

So I have embarked on another knew adventure. While in the process of making the quilt for my bed, I took a little break. All that fabric for that quilt, whew, gets a bit overwhelming at times lol. Anyway, I made a hexagon quilted pillow case! It’s really a unique design, and so fun to make. I think the most fun was the “free motion quilting” part of this project. I can’t even explain to you how fun that was, being in complete control of where the thread goes, making my own design. Wow…now I have done this method before in the past, which was a great experience, I just never really incorporated it into a project. Needless to say I will definitely be making more pillows like this to accent my living room! I just need to get my quilt done first, thankfully I’m almost half way done. You know, I think I’m also going to use the free motion quilting technique in my quilt. HA talk about some major practice taking place with this one. 😉

Making this pillow has really helped me get yet another new light on the whole “quilting” controversy I have battled with. Like I’ve said before, I really am learning to love to quilt. So much so, that I think the next project, well, after this quilt, and pillows for my living room, will be a quilt for my daughter. She is turning into such a big girl, so I’m thinking her baby quilt I made for her is “out-dated” now lol. I will say, the most fun part of this one will be picking the fabric out for it. She always likes to comment on the fabrics I choose, giving her opinion of them. So it’ll be a joy to see which ones she likes and picks out for her quilt. Who knows, I’ll probably even l let her help me make it! I mean, she already sits on my lap when I sew sometimes now, so at least this way she can say that she not only watched me make it, but she helped me too!

Ok enough of me blabbing and bragging about my cute little three year old. Hope you have a fabulous day! Talk to you again soon!!






New Years Resolutions and Finally home!!!

christina's banner 2!

Hi everyone, As you can see, we are finally back is Pennsylvania! Home sweet home, haha we were welcomed with snow and played in it all morning! Anyway, it’s been a CRAZY past few weeks. I have been vacationing in florida with my family, which was wonderful. I did sew a little more, but wasn’t able to blog about it. Time just got away from me, I mean seriously, it literally RAN from me, lol. I’m a little sad, yes, I do miss my family tremendously, but I’m so glad to be home. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed. 🙂 Plus, my little 2 year old has decided to enter into the tantrum and hitting phase, with which is best to deal with this at home. HA she is such a little stinker at times, oh well, God is definitely teaching me patience. 😉

So, here’s a quick note to bring in the new year!

My New Years “resolutions”
~Reconnect with my faith
~Weight Loss, only have 25 lbs to go until I’m at the weight I was on my wedding day! WOHOO
~Potty Training Bella
~Focus and spend more time with my family, (meaning my husband and daughter)
~Eat healthier

There are a few more but these are just the top five. 2013 a New Year to make memories, accomplish new things, hopefully this post has both entertained and helps encourage you. So do you have any resolutions this year?? If so, I’d love to hear them!

As always, thanks for reading, hope to hear from you all!

Diaper bag FINALLY finished!!

I’ve finally finished it! The diaper bag will be shipped and on it’s way to my best friend tomorrow! I’m so happy at how it turned out, not to mention I had a blast making it. Along with the diaper bag, I also made a few matching items for it, I even embarked on an entirely new category, EMBROIDERY!! Yes, I said it, I embroidered a cute fluffy baby blanket I also made. (See photo below)

After finished the entire project, I gotta say, I think my favorite part about it is the mommy pocket, that’s the zippered pocket on the flap. If you saw one of my previous blogs titled “My first vinyl women’s wallet”, I mentioned that it was the first time I incorporated a zippered pocket in something. In which I used that same technique for the mommy pocket.

Anyway, I know my pictures don’t always do much justice, but I tried to take a few good pics that would compliment the bag. I hope you enjoy the photos/ captions. And as always, thanks so much for reading.

Christina 😉

Front view, obviously, the bag in this photo was empty so the sides bowed out a little. When it’s full, it has more of a boxed effect, if that make any sense lol 🙂

Mommy Pocket

I added a “hidden” pocket on the bottom of lining. This is for the insert, a piece of plastic needlepoint canvas, this helps give the bottom more support. Plus, it’s removable for washing!

Not sure if you can tell, but I lines the small box cosmetic bag, also seen in my blog post “Lots of work to be done”, with clear plastic vinyl. Make it’s more spill proof.

Bot sides of the bag have the bottle/water bottle pockets.

Like you saw in my last post, this is the back pocket for the changing pad.

I added a little piece of ribbon on one of the sides of the strap, perfect for the little smelly bag clips.

This little fun bag is for the pacifiers! Equipped with the velcro strap which make it removable and for easy access.

Yes this is the changing pad, view #1, and it is in fact a perfect rectangle. Again, not a photographer, sorry for the poor quality of the photos.

Changing pad view #2, back

This is the front, view #1, of the burp cloth

Burp cloth, view #2, back

And last but not least, the fluffy baby blanket I embroidered. I know it’s not the best embroidery out there, but it is sort of a first time for me?!

My 3rd Year Anniversary and A Diaper Bag for my BFF!

Hi again, so I have exciting news!! Today is my husband Ali and I’s 3rd year anniversary! I can’t believe we have been married for 3 years already, sheesh how time flies. God certainly has blessed me with him, sometimes I can’t believe he’s mine…lol. Anyway, enough of that.

More big news..my best friend Cynthia is due to have her baby in December…Wohoo!!! And for her shower gift I am making her a diaper bag. Anyway, I’m not sure if you remember, but a while ago I blogged about “My first Zippered Purse”. Well, I made it with fabric from  Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern collection. I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to say next lol…she  loved that fabric selection and asked me to use that fabric to make her diaper bag out of. SOo, that is what I’m doing! So far, I have finished making the flap for the bag.Ok so I know the bottom of the flap look uneven, but I assure you it most definitely straight! I’m not sure why my camera picked it up like that, must have hit a bad angle 😦And this is the what the lining is going to look like!

So yeah, there it is, I still have a lot to do. Thanks for reading guys and I hope your having a wonderful day!


A braid and a big mess

Hi everyone, so today I woke up to my house a mess. A bundle of laundry to fold, plus dishes in the sink. In which I swore I did them before I went to bed…I think my hubby had a mid-night snack, lol. Oh and toys all over the place, oh well, I guess that’s what I get for leaving Bella with daddy for a couple hours last night. But hey, mama needs a break sometimes too!!! Anyway, so aside from cleaning my house today, I have finally been able to sit and sew and put a dent in a few projects I had. I still have some more alterations to do, and a few more bags to sew up.  Plus, my mom is wanting me to make her some crayon rolls, so I’ve been researching like crazy different kinds there are. This way I can get and idea and come up with my own design. Sheeesh, that’s a lot…oh and one more thing. My little one’s hair is finally long enough for me to put it in french braided piggy tails!!

Isn’t she just adorable!! Anyway, just giving you all a quick update. thanks for reading


Minnie Mouse obsession

Hi everyone, I hope this post reaches you in good spirits. So My husband, Bella, and I went to the mall the other day, to buy Bella some sandals. Of corse, we passed the disney store and went in…anyway, at the back of the store they have a big round area full of stuffed animals. Lol Bella gasped and said” aaa minnie mouse……aaa minnie mouse…” and laughed. Lately she has been obsessed with watching mickey mouse playhouse and well, anything that has to do with minnie mouse she wants. Soooooo, of corse we got her one, and the cute little stinker went to sleep with it. Oh, it was just too adorable, I just had to take a picture and share it with you all. Hope you enjoyed this post, and sorry  it was a little off topic.

XOXO Chrissy