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BIG Update…lots of photos!!

Well hello, it’s been a long while since I’ve given an update. So let me go ahead and appologize for letting my life be in the way of my blogging. I so love to blog and share, but sometimes, life just gets in the way.

I’ve been super busy sewing and crafting lately. The most recent project is a glider rocker and ottoman that I made removable covers for. It’s so pretty, the fabric that was chosen is very fun and bright, it’s for a nursery. Haha, obviously they are having a girl. 😉

This project came at the perfect time, I was actually in the process of recovering my glider and ottoman too. Although, I’ve just covered my ottoman, still working on the chair.



The chair will also be covered in the same fabric. It’s really been something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, I just finally have gotten time to do it. Let me tell ya though, having removable covers, such a huge blessing. This way I can wash them instead of have them reupholstered. Even the ottoman, I just added elastic to the bottom of it for easy removal. Sorry don’t have a pic of that yet,  Those pics will come when I’m finished.

Ok, so the next thing I was working on was for my sister-in-law. I helped throw a baby shower for her a little over a month ago and went crazy making blankets for the baby!!! Unfortunately, I don’t have pics for those at the moment. Currently, I am blogging on my phone and it’s late at night, and well, I don’t feel like rolling out of bed and turning my computer on to finish this blog to add the pictures. 😁 no worries, I’ll be posting those pictures too on my next blog.

Ok, last but not least, we just finished giving my daughter a big “My Little Pony” themed 5th birthday party!! Yes she is 5 now!!! My little girl is not so little anymore. She’s growing so fast, sheesh, where does the time go. Anyway, I had so much fun planning and prepping for this party. Of corse I made some decorations and, not to brag, but I made her the coolest rainbow cake ever!!! Seriously, I honestly didn’t think it was going to come out this good. I’m more proud of this cake then anything I’ve ever sewn/crafted!

Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed from her precious birthday parties I’ve blogged about, her parties are usually costume parties. Well, this time she wanted to be one of the characters named Rainbow Dash. Well, that character is a Pegasus. So, naturally a Pegasus needs wings right…well wings she got. They were so fun to make, I made them out of felt and sturdy interfacing. I can’t think of what the interfacing is called right now, but it’s used for dividers in purses and what not, as a stabilizer.

IMG_4737 IMG_4745 IMG_4731

Well, that’s all I have for now, it’s late, and I’m finally getting tired. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I’ll be posting in the next couple days to share more with you . Have a good night, well morning now. 😉

Xo Christina


A Frozen Birthday Bash!!

So after much preparing, baking cupcakes and cake, sewing, searching on pintrest, and crafting, my daughter’s 4th “Frozen themed” birthday party is over and was a success!!! As you know, a friend of a friend, lol, played the character “Queen Elsa” from the Disney movie Frozen. I made her costume, styled her wig, and made the snowflake pins for the wig, in which I blogged about previously. Well, I have to say I am glad it’s over and I can relax a bit, but it was also so amazing! All the kids went crazy, especially my Bella. She was a little nervous at first, but then was so over joyed to be spending her special day with her favorite Disney Princess.

Elsa was AMAZING!! She must have been asked a million questions by the kids, in which she answered them ALL perfectly. She sang the hit song “Let it Go” with all the kids, while all of the kids were belting out the words with her lol. Whenever Elsa was walking around, Bella kept picking up her cape so no one would step on it, so adorable.  After all her “duties” were done, which was about an hour, she chose to stay longer, until the end of the party for that matter! She even herded all the kids outside to play! WOW, word’s just do NOT express how wonderful she was, such a blessing.

Well, aside from Elsa’s costume, I also made about 70% of all the decorations for her party. I usually go crazy making decorations for all of her birthday parties anyways, but this one in particular I went all out on. I made so many origami white Christmas trees, that I glittered up, used a few different kinds of paper to make cone trees, and glittered those up too,  a few banners, drew a huge olaf for pin the nose on Olaf, made a Piñata, etc.

For food it was simple, although, I made the cutest little march mellow Olaf heads. Ok so they weren’t perfect, but they still served their purpose. Aside from all that, everything else was simple and fun. Of corse I have so many pictures for you to see. I hope you enjoy them all, and thanks for reading!

Hope your having a wonderful day!

XO Christina

P.S Towards the end of the party poor Elsa’s wig was starting to loose it’s grip on her head, so the last few pics you see her hairline. Oh well the kids didn’t notice one bit…SCORE!










By the way this is the Olaf I drew for Pin the nose on Olaf! And I also made the “Frozen” piñata, which I will never be doing again. That took like 5 hours to make, and my fingers had blisters on them afterwards from the hot glue…OUCH!




This was when Elsa was singing “Let it Go” with all the kids…definitely made the party!






Princess Party Success!!

Hi!!! I’m in the best mood ever!!! As you know I’ve been anxiously planning my little 3 year old’s Princess Party. Now I’m extremely exhausted, and am just taking it easy, more like being very lazy today. 😉 Anyway, it was just so wonderful, Bella thoroughly enjoyed herself, and absolutely LOVED that she was dressed as a Princess.

Of corse, I have many pictures to share, and I’m super proud of my fruit Kabob flower pots! Yes I did make her cupcakes and  cake too, but the fruit was my favorite part! Oh, and the tissue paper, princess, flower bouquets.


Hee Hee she was sitting so patiently waiting to open her presents!



My Fruit Kabob Flower pots! I tell you what though, I now understand why those Edible Arrangements are so stinking expensive. The fruit wasn’t too costly, because I went to a farmer’s market, but cutting shapes with cookie cutters on round fruit. NOT EASY, talk about a messy and timely process, but they came out pretty, so it was all worth it!


Ok so I got to admit, her big cupcake shaped cake was cute. To make it super fun, I made the inside a tie died effect. 🙂 Hmm, me and my tie die lol.



Well, that’s it, thanks for reading guys, have a wonderful Sunday!!


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Big Birthday Preparations for my soon to be 3 year old!

Today has been an amazing Tuesday, to start off, the weather was just PERFECT! It was sunny with clear blue sky’s and, get this, it was 81° with a beautiful breeze…sigh, like I said, just perfect. Anyway, I took my daughter to the park to play today, which finished with lunch and a walk by the creek. Then, towards the end of our visit, her grandmother aka “Mammy”, surprised us and took her home so I could go to the YMCA and sign little miss up for gymnastics class. All in all, a very eventful, yet not to exhausting, day!




On another note, I have be anxiously planning her BIG, 3 year old, Birthday party. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, in which we are going to the zoo, but her party is this Saturday. I have been going crazy making preparations for it. Ok, so maybe not crazy, but I’ve been stocking up on dcor, cake stuff, etc. Like last couple years, I’m going to me making her cake. This year I’ll be making cupcakes again, but I’m also going to be making her a huge cake sized cupcake. Hee Hee, I know it’s hard to explain, it’s ok though, you know I’ll be sharing lots of pictures with you guys. 🙂

So yea, here is a little something I’ve been working on for her party this weekend. I’m making my own little edible creations. For those who don’t know what that is, its fruit Kabobs that look like flowers. 😉 I’m super excited about these, I went to the dollar store and bought a couple plant pots and decked them all out real princessy!! I just painted them pink, stenciled some crowns and stars, which I made just from paper, and then just spray painted the pots with Mod Podge, a clear acrylic gloss. They turned out so cute, now just picture them with a floral arrangement of fruit kabobs…yummy and pretty and the same time!

Ok so enough of my blabbing, hope you enjoyed this post, and, as always, thanks for reading!!



Epic Fail…

Ok so unfortunately adding the vinyl to the fabric for Bella’s backpack resulted in an epic fail. It made the fabric pretty much unmanageable, talk about a complete disappointment. 😦 Sadly this is all I was able to salvage from the monstrosity…

Anyways, since I am out of a black zipper and red piping, I now have to wait until I make my next trip to the fabric store until I can continue to work on her bag.

In the mean time, I finished yet another clutch. I was so upset at my failed attempt, that I could not sleep at all. So I figured since I couldn’t sleep, I’d make another clutch purse, at least this way I could go to sleep feeling as though I had accomplished something, even if I had stayed up until 3am doing so. And it came out just perfect!!

Sorry to end so abrupt like this, but my little birthday girl is waking up from her nap now. Talk to you all again soon.



The Gerda Clutch

Hello, so I’m super excited to show you all my new master piece. This is the first thing I’ve made that I perfected the first time around. I was experimenting on making a new clutch purse for my shop, and this is what I got.

So what do you think? Isn’t it cute, this one is for my sister’s birthday, but I promise I will be making more of these for my shop real soon. Hope you enjoyed this post, talk to you all again soon.


A New Trick

Hi everyone, so I’ve been super busy this past week. I had a lot of planning to do for my daughter’s second birthday party. Sheesh…I can’t believe she’s already two….were does the time go! Anyway, since her birthday falls just two days after easter, we decided to have her party a week early. It went awesome and of corse, I made her minnie mouse “cupcakes”. I thought it was appropriate for her minnie mouse obsession 🙂 I decided not to make a cake this time, too much of a headache…lol.

In honor of her birthday and easter, you can now receive 20% off your entire purchase in the shop. Just enter 2NDEASTER in the coupon code box during your checkout. Enjoy this while you can, it ends on Sunday, April 8th at mid-night.

Oh and the “new trick” I learned, is making my own bias piping. Sooo easy, and well, they didn’t have the color I needed, so I had to resort to making it.

So yea, hope you all had a great weekend and I will talk to you all real soon.

XOXO Chrissy