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Jane Austen Era Costume for my Little Sis

Hey there, hope your weekend went well! So I have had an unexpected surprise happen to me this weekend. My little sister is going to a “Sapphire Ball” this month and all the kids are suppose to dress in “Jane Austen Era” costumes. So I had the pleasure of making her a costume!!!! I have to say this is the first costume I’ve ever made, so there are a few hick-cups in it. But overall it came out beautifully, she’s gonna be the prettiest girl there! I used simplicity pattern #4055, in which I could have made my own pattern and such, but I really wanted to make sure it looked perfect!! Even though it’s not, I was very grateful to have all the pattern pieces with the right measurements all right there for me.  Although, I still had a few trial and errors. I had to add a piece of elastic to the neckline, because the neckline the pattern called for was too wide. I also added a ruffle at the top to make it a bit more modest. Well, at least it all came together in the end!! 🙂 The only thing I wasn’t able to do it steam iron it, I don’t own a steamer. However, my sister does, so she will have to steam it before she wears it. UGH, I guess I just can’t do everything I’d like to all the time. 😉

Anyway, hope you like it, and again, please forgive my lack of photography skills. Thanks for reading, I really am very appreciative with how many new subscribers and likes I’ve been getting lately. You guys really are a great encouragement for me!

OH, when my sister gets the dress, since she lives in another sate, I will have some pictures, of her wearing it, sent to me, so I’ll share those with you then!

XO Christina



Sorry this last picture is a little bit blurry!! Ugh…another major fail lol.



Hexagon Free Motion Quilted Pillow

So I have embarked on another knew adventure. While in the process of making the quilt for my bed, I took a little break. All that fabric for that quilt, whew, gets a bit overwhelming at times lol. Anyway, I made a hexagon quilted pillow case! It’s really a unique design, and so fun to make. I think the most fun was the “free motion quilting” part of this project. I can’t even explain to you how fun that was, being in complete control of where the thread goes, making my own design. Wow…now I have done this method before in the past, which was a great experience, I just never really incorporated it into a project. Needless to say I will definitely be making more pillows like this to accent my living room! I just need to get my quilt done first, thankfully I’m almost half way done. You know, I think I’m also going to use the free motion quilting technique in my quilt. HA talk about some major practice taking place with this one. 😉

Making this pillow has really helped me get yet another new light on the whole “quilting” controversy I have battled with. Like I’ve said before, I really am learning to love to quilt. So much so, that I think the next project, well, after this quilt, and pillows for my living room, will be a quilt for my daughter. She is turning into such a big girl, so I’m thinking her baby quilt I made for her is “out-dated” now lol. I will say, the most fun part of this one will be picking the fabric out for it. She always likes to comment on the fabrics I choose, giving her opinion of them. So it’ll be a joy to see which ones she likes and picks out for her quilt. Who knows, I’ll probably even l let her help me make it! I mean, she already sits on my lap when I sew sometimes now, so at least this way she can say that she not only watched me make it, but she helped me too!

Ok enough of me blabbing and bragging about my cute little three year old. Hope you have a fabulous day! Talk to you again soon!!






New Curtain for my kitchen window!

Hi there, so I have finally made a curtain for my kitchen window. The other curtain that was there was nice, but didn’t match. To be honest, it came with our apartment, and I never really got around to making one that “matched” my kitchen. As some of you may know, my kitchen consists of Red, Tan, and Black colors. Emphasis on the the RED, I have to say, I’m slightly obsessed with putting as much red into my kitchen as possible. I don’t know why, I guess I just think it looks classy yet modern at the same time. I don’t know, I just really like it!!

Anyway, the type of curtain I made is like a draped roman curtain, just not as structured, more relaxed. So it has some elegance to it, haha, so much of my apartment looks like a bachelor pad still. Lol, slowly but surely I am putting a feminine touch to it HA! my poor husband, thankfully he doesn’t care much, and is super supportive in my “decorating” ideas.

This was so fun and easy to make!

Well, that’s it for today, hope your having a wonderful day, and as always, thanks for reading! Will talk to you all again soon!!

Xo Christina

P.S. Please excuse the rack of food etc. on the left, I’m working on getting a small pantry/cabinet. Oh and the huge tube sticking out of the window?! Well, that attaches to our portable air-conditioner, it’s to blow the hot air out the window instead of all over my kitchen!  So, sorry it looks so cluttered!! 😦





New Summer Dresses for Bella

Over the past few days I’ve been sewing like crazy, I decided to make Bella some spring/summer dresses! They came out so good, in all honesty, I’ve had a few people ask me where I bought them. In which I replied with, of corse, I made them! Haha Bella is a great little model too! Such a proud momma I am, although, my little girl dresses better than me! 😉 What makes it even better, is that Bella gets super excited when I make her a new dress. She puts it on and twirls around in a big circle saying, “look mommy, look so pretty!” Hee hee so adorable!


This is a tunic dress pattern I used from the book, “One Yard Wonders” there’s a link there to it on Amazon!



I ended up having to shorten the elastic in the band in the back. Bella is so thin, that the length of the elastic the pattern calls for, well I had to cut it almost in half. Thankfully, it didn’t end up looking like a bunched up mess. IMG_0360

This one is my favorite, aside from her incredibly, adorable, cheesy grin, I actually made this one without a pattern. It took some time getting the measurements right and all that, but in the end it was well worth it! It’s just your classic little girl dress, or that’s what I call it. Also, not sure if you recognize the fabric, but I used this in a wallet and purse I made. Here is a blog link to see the wallet, I guess I never took a photo of the purse, so I posted a photo of it at the end of this blog…“My First Vinyl Women’s Wallet”.




I know it’s grainy, but I put a loop and button closure on the top of it. This is the first time I’ve ever incorporated this in a dress. Makes it easy to pull on and off with out killing  your self haha ;).


Here is the purse I made, it’s actually a clutch sized messenger bag. I thought I blogged about it in the past but I must not have, hmm if you find it let me know!

Well that’s it for today, thanks for reading.


Disney/Pixar Cars Kid’s Duffle Bag

Good Morning, I’m so excited today! I just finished a custom order for a boys duffle bag. WOW, I was so caught off guard when I got this order, was not expecting it, and such a blessing! So anyway, they just don’t make Disney/Pixar Cars, double sided quilted fabric, so I had to quilt it myself. Well…sort of, I didn’t want to take the “awesomeness” of the print away, so I just basted the ends together before sewing up the bag. And I used a super thick fusible fleece instead of batting. This actually gave the bag more stability, and stayed in place while I was sewing it all together. 🙂

Overall, I think the bag came out great!! I gotta say, for my first “boy” item I’ve ever made, it looks just too stinking cute!

Well, hope you enjoy your day and the pics, I’ll blog again real soon!

XO ChristinaIMG_0353 IMG_0358 IMG_0359


Child sized duffle bag…

Good Afternoon, today is such a beautiful day! The sun is shinning, the weather is perfect, and I’m in a good mood 😉 haha. So today I made another duffle bag, except this one is a bit smaller. Since my daughter is potty trained now, WOHOO, I don’t need to lug around my diaper bag all the time. Ok, so that’s not entirely true, I still carry it in the car with extra clothes, panties, etc. just in case ;). So yea, getting back on track, I made this one for her, it’s dimensions are: 18′ long x 8 1/2 ” wide/tall, were as the other bag is:  22″ long x 11″ wide/tall. It’s not that much of a difference, but it’s more “kid” sized lol.

Oh, just a little FYI, I did actually make this bag up on my own. Of corse, there are a million and one bags out there, in which I have gotten a lot of inspiration from. But, I did make come up with the pattern, dimensions, etc. for these. I was thinking about doing a tutorial on them, it’s pretty simple, what do you think? Would that be of interest for any of you or no?

Anyway, enough of my blabbing, thanks for reading, and hope you have a marvelous day!

XO Christina




Birthday SALE!


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