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New Summer Dresses for Bella

Over the past few days I’ve been sewing like crazy, I decided to make Bella some spring/summer dresses! They came out so good, in all honesty, I’ve had a few people ask me where I bought them. In which I replied with, of corse, I made them! Haha Bella is a great little model too! Such a proud momma I am, although, my little girl dresses better than me! 😉 What makes it even better, is that Bella gets super excited when I make her a new dress. She puts it on and twirls around in a big circle saying, “look mommy, look so pretty!” Hee hee so adorable!


This is a tunic dress pattern I used from the book, “One Yard Wonders” there’s a link there to it on Amazon!



I ended up having to shorten the elastic in the band in the back. Bella is so thin, that the length of the elastic the pattern calls for, well I had to cut it almost in half. Thankfully, it didn’t end up looking like a bunched up mess. IMG_0360

This one is my favorite, aside from her incredibly, adorable, cheesy grin, I actually made this one without a pattern. It took some time getting the measurements right and all that, but in the end it was well worth it! It’s just your classic little girl dress, or that’s what I call it. Also, not sure if you recognize the fabric, but I used this in a wallet and purse I made. Here is a blog link to see the wallet, I guess I never took a photo of the purse, so I posted a photo of it at the end of this blog…“My First Vinyl Women’s Wallet”.




I know it’s grainy, but I put a loop and button closure on the top of it. This is the first time I’ve ever incorporated this in a dress. Makes it easy to pull on and off with out killing  your self haha ;).


Here is the purse I made, it’s actually a clutch sized messenger bag. I thought I blogged about it in the past but I must not have, hmm if you find it let me know!

Well that’s it for today, thanks for reading.



The Beginnings of the Layette

Today, so far, has been a productive day. Started off a little shaky, my poor princess has croup so we are battling that right now, lots of steam showers. 😦 Anyway, during her nap today I finished making a dress I started on last night. Which, might I add, turned out PERFECT, not trying to sound conceited or anything. Oh and I yesterday, I finished making her “throw” blanket for her crib, part of her bumper, and all the ties for the bumper made. Shish, talk about cramming!! Lol but it’s alright, I’m in like, major sewing/work mode lol. Now if only the clean up in between was easier. Hmmm…it always seems soo easy to make the mess, but when it comes time to clean up…ick ;). So yeah her are pictures of my accomplishments. Hope you like them!



Thankfulness and Order

Hi guys, I have a verdict on my car. They said a couple of the fan censors were shot,which is essential for keeping your engine cool. Thankfully, for only $200, they now have beed replaced. They said there’s nothing else wrong with our car, so I’m praying that verdict stays, when I pick my car up in the morning.

That being said, I am pleased to say, I have finished the cute little sundress for my order. Again, a job well done (not being conceited).:)

My apologies for the photo, doesn’t to the dress justice to well.

Now that my stress level has gone down significantly, I’am exhausted.  So, dear friends, I bid you good-night. I shall blog to you all tomorrow. I can’t believe how fast this day has gone…wheew!


Car Troubles and a Job Finished

Afternoon friends, what a day is was for me yesterday. I was on my way home and my car overheated!! Thankfully, I was literally, right around the corner from my house, so I was able to turn the car off and coast into the driveway. I tell you what though, I was freaking out! All I could think about was, “I gotta get Bella out a the car before it blows up”. Talk about major paranoia lol, I was over completely over reacting, but give me a break, my car was SMOKING and GARGLING! And now, the car is in the shop, still waiting for the pricey verdict. Ahhhh right when we are doing so well, something has to break and more savings get depleted. Oh well, what can you do, trying to stay grateful that we are ok. So there is my drama for the week, heck if I had it my way, the whole YEAR…sigh.

On to better news, I have finished my mother-on-law’s custom pillows finally! And of corse, they turned out beautifully, YES, I am very proud. Actually I might just make some throw pillows for my couch too.:)

Now that they are finished, it’s off the the next order. So excited to get to work on it, so I will have to say bye for now, got some major sewing to do!!

❤Christina G.❤

Projects and a Wedding!!

Finally I finished another pretty dress for Bella, and I think I finally have perfected it enough to start making them for my shop!! I am super excited about all this. Oh, and another thing coming soon to the shop, is young girls gathered skirts! Just gotta work the kinks out of those now, so just give me a few weeks.
Here are previews of the things I have been working on, I made my little sister two dresses and my older little sister a gathered skirt! Hope you guys like them and keep a look out in the shop for those uploads.

You may be wondering what the “Wedding” headline is meaning, well, I am headed to florida tomorrow to sing in my best friends wedding. It is sooo exciting, but I am shaking will nervousness! I’m going to be singing while she is walking down the isle, no pressure right! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that if I do not post anything new over the next week, you know why!

Until next time, thanks for reading

~Christina G.

Purple Paisley
dress…made this one for my youngest little sis too!

Dress # 2 for youngest sis

Last but not least…another purple paisley print, this time in a gathered skirt!

Note: the girls will be matching when they go to church on sunday, too cute!! 🙂

1 down 2 to go…

Yea so I finished yet another sundress and it came our just shy of perfect! Not to sound conceited, but I am quite proud of myself. I still can’t believe how cute it turned out!! And to top it off, my little model actually posed for the picture :).

Anyway, enough talk here are the pics…

H ere is a better view of the dress

Items for sale!!

Hello dear friends, I pray your day is going great! So I have exciting news, I am having a “blowout sale” in my shop! Here is a list of the items, hope you see something you like.

Bella Headband “Beaming Bud”

Handmade Stripy Blank Greeting Cards set of “2”

Gentle Make-up Brush Cleaner

Bella Headband “Dancing Daisy”

Bella Headband “Lovely Leopard”

Silver Pendant Necklace…”Flower Power”

Bella Headband “Fair Floret”