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Busy Book for Christmas….

Hi there, so I wanted to share with you the busy Busy Book I just finished for my best friend Cynthia’s daughter. She called me a while ago and asked me to make one for her daughter for Christmas. Well, I know I’m early, but you know me, once I start a project I have to finish it. 🙂 SO, here are some pics of it. My daughter Bella was by my side, “testing the product” as I was finishing each page lol. She of corse asked me to make her another busy book with some of the features in this one, especially the potatoe head page.

So for those of you who have seen my previous blog posts, about a year ago I made one for Bella. Here’s a link to the post. “Cloth Busy Book”. Well, I’m sure you can see I made this one a little different. Honestly, this one is made way better!! Instead of hot glueing everything together, except the pages, I’ve sewn all the pieces/pages. It’s so much more sturdy and will hold up longer. At first I wasn’t really looking forward to changing thread colors, but then I remembered I had clear thread, so I just used that for the entire book! It actually was a lot easier to sew everything then to hot glue it. Saved me time and the pain of burning my fingers on tiny pieces of felt. 😉

All in all, I had a blast making it, and I’m pretty sure I will be making more. Well, I know I have to make one for Bella at least. I’m thinking I’m going add a noah’s ark page, and Jonah and the whale, maybe a brush your teeth page. I don’t know, I’ll figure it out, however, I do know that I will definitely be making one in the same manner as I made this one. NOT the kind I made for Bella originally, sheesh that one was a pain in the neck!

Well, that’s it for today, thanks for reading, hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!


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Prom Dress for Queen Elsa!

Hi there, so this past few weeks has been go go go! We are heading to Florida for a little vaca to see my family and…go to DISNEYWORLD!!! Ahhh it’s my little princess’ first time, eek I can’t wait. She keeps watching videos people have posted on YouTube of what’s at disneyworld. Hee hee she’s so excited, and I have to say, I think I might be just a wee bit more. I’ve been making tons of cute little sundresses for her. I mean ya gotta have sundresses for Florida right, 😉 those photos will come later. For now let’s talk about the title of this post.

Well, a while back, when I was making “Queen Elsa’s” costume, the girl who played her asked me to make her prom dress. Wow, I was flattered and nervous at the same time. But then she told me that she wanted an Elsa “like” dress, so I wasn’t so worried.

Anyway, the dress was a bit tricky, well the top was. It’s a three piece dress, It has a corset top, skirt, and a sash that goes around her waist. In the photos you can’t see the sash very well, but it’s made of a sheer stretch material with sparkles, and it is floor length. So when she is walking it almost cascades behind her and touches the floor.

The top is made of a royal purple sequin fabric, with a black lining and has a zipper closure. I gotta say working with sequins is not an easy task. There were little tiny pieces of sequins flying all over the place when I was cutting the fabric. Then making sure all those little guys are facing the same direction during the sewing. Haha I still think I have some floating around somewhere. Oh well the end result was very rewarding.

Well enough of my blabbing, here are the pics of the dress. Hope you like them. Thanks for reading!!!

Oh by the way, I had some extra fabric so I made her a little clutch purse to go with it. 😉

Xo Christina




Queen Elsa’s Skirt Finished!!!

Good Morning, afternoon, or evening, hope your having a wonderful day so far. I wanted to quick share with you my latest project…Queen Elsa’s skirt! YES for little miss Bella’s b-day bash. No I didn’t add a slit to the front of the skirt, if it wasn’t going to be a kids party then I could have, but I didn’t feel it was necessary. Anyway, it’s made of of sparkly, teal, satin, and let me tell ya, I didn’t realize how easy satin is to work with. It doesn’t have any give to it, and it’s a light/medium weight. Now normally I would have added a lining, but because it’s a costume and it’s only going to be worn for about 2 hours, I wasn’t worried about that. However, I had to add 2″ to the skirt length because the girl who is playing elsa is 5′ 9″!!

Quick tip: if you find your self in need to lengthen or shorten a pattern, well usually for shirt top patterns, there is a line already printed on the pattern to lengthen or shorten. However, most skirt patterns do NOT have that feature. SO the way you would adjust it is to find the hip of the pattern, measure about an inch down, from the hip, and draw a line across the entire width of the pattern. Cut on that line and lengthen or shorten to your desired length. In the picture below you’ll see a pattern piece to part of the corset top I’m making for part of Elsa’s top. It’s hard to see but this pattern came with a lengthen or shorten line, which I cut and had to lengthen it 4″ to fit the girl I’m making it for properly.


Ok so back to the skirt, I’ll just show you the picture of it, sorry again i’m NOT a photographer, and this picture definitely does NOT give the skirt justice. It’s not as dark as portrayed in the photo, it’s a little lighter and brighter, and sparklier haha!


Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day, and for those in northern areas, STAY WARM it’s bitter cold out there!!

XO Christina

BTW: I am using this pattern to make the skirt “F” and corset top “A”, except the corset top will have a V on the center front bottom, and will fit a little more snug,  like Elsa’s. So if your wanting to make a “queen Elsa” costume, this pattern may help you. The sleeves and the cape I’m making from scratch, haha I sound like I’m cooking. So I will try and make a small photo/tutorial of the cape and shirt when I make them.


It’s Been a LONG While!!!

Hi there, so yes this is the record for the longest I haven’t posted!! AHH I’m soo sorry, so here are a few updates that have been going on in my life lately.

Wheew, where do I begin, well, the beginning of November I had a craft show, so I was super busy sewing and preping for that. Thanksgiving and Christmas flew by in a flash!! We went to Michigan to visit my family for Thanksgiving, that was so fun, I got to see family I haven’t seen in about a year, and friends I haven’t seen in about 15 years! Such an awesome experience, the last day we were there, we all went to see the Disney movie Frozen…let me pause there for a second. First off that has got to be the best disney princess movie I have seen, aside from Tangled, in a long time. Bella absolutely LOVED it, haha enough to beg us to see in 2 more times in theaters. Lol so yes, we are completely FOZEN obsessed!

For Christmas we just stayed home, which was really nice, last year we weren’t here, we were in Florida visiting family. SO this year, I was able to go Christmas decorating crazy in my house. Haha that was so fun. Bella kept asking me to take all the ornaments off the tree so we could decorate it again :). OF corse my husband and I got her pretty much all Frozen themed gifts, have to say we both as adults, are in love with that movie too! OH something that is completely awesome and crazy, right, so I went to the disney store in the mall about, mmm, 3 weeks before Christmas. Ok so, of corse, I got her a few little “Frozen” toys and then I saw their costume for Queen Elsa! Well, a while back before the movie was even in theaters, a good friend of the family got Bella the “Princess Anna” costume for Halloween. So of corse I had to get her the matching sister costume. 😉 Anyway, I bought it and then about a week later, we went to the mall again as a family, for more fun filled Christmas shopping. Wouldn’t you know ALL of the “Queen Elsa” costumes were SOLD OUT! So out of curiosity I asked them how long did it take for them to sell out, seeing as I was just there a week ago. Yeah, they said oh about 2 days after you bought yours. WHAT!!! I’m still asking myself how I managed to buy a costume that is now SOLD OUT and on back order nation wide. WOW haha very proud mama moment that was.

I also have been making some cute dresses for Bella, I made my first ever corduroy dress for her, which turned out super cute. Pictures of all the dresses I’ve made will come later, I promise.

Aside from all that, I got the stomach flu for the first time in about 10 years, ugh that was no fun. And during that epidemic, I have been busy helping a local theater with some of their costumes for a kids play “the Jungle Book”. I’m so excited to take Bella, it will be her first play, and we know a few of the characters in it, so I’m anxious to see if she recognizes them. On that note, I am currently in the process of working on making an adult sized, “Queen Elsa” costume, for a friend of a friend, who will be playing Queen Elsa for Bella 4th birthday party next month. OH my gosh I’m soooo excited, I can’t wait to see Bella’s face when she walks in the door! And I’m even more excited to be making this costume, ugh but I definitely have my work cut out form me!

Ok  well I have lots of work to do today, so I hope you all are having a wonderful day. As always, thanks for reading!!

XO Christina

Rag Fringe Quilt Finished…

Hello again, so I have embarked on something new and fun! My mom got me an etsy gift card for my birthday, so exciting, in which I used to order some fabric. The fabric’s I ordered are my Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. There are a couple other fabrics I used that I just picked up from my local Joann fabrics. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to make a fringe quilt for a long time, but never really got around to doing it.

When making this quilt, I had to cut out 48 squares for the front, 48 squares for the back, and 48 squares of batting. Then quilt each individual square first, sew the quilted squares row by row, and then all together. That was a pretty long process, but it wasn’t as tedious as sitting and cutting little tiny slits around ever square lol.  I think it took me about 3 hours of just cutting the “fringe” part of this quilt. Needless to say, this quilt takes a LONG time to make, so you’ll understand when I tell you I only made it a little bit bigger than a throw. Nonetheless, the end result was very rewarding. 😉

So I hope you enjoy the pictures, keep in mind again, though I try my best, I’m not a photographer, haha.

Thanks for reading,

XO Christina





Teacher Tote bag

Good Afternoon! So today has been a very productive and tiring day. First, I spent the morning doing yard work, and pushing around a lawnmower. talk about some MAJOR workout, haha that’s a good thing..I guess. Then I filled an order I got for a teacher, so I had to put my other projects on hold for a little. She asked me to make a cute little 12×50 inch cushion for a window seat in her classroom. Then, with coordinating fabric, I made a matching tote bag, complete with a laptop pocket. It’s super cute, the striped material on the top of the tote is the same fabric the cushion is made of. Sorry I don’t have picture to show of the cushion, your just going to have to use your imagination on that. It’s 12×50 inches long, about 1 1/2 inches thick, and made completely with the striped outdoor canvas material. This way if any little second graders spill anything on it, it really won’t matter! 😉

The Tote is made of double sided quilted material and the outdoor canvas…very durable! It has five pockets; one on the outside, while the inside has a double pocket on one side, a smaller pocket on the other, and a laptop pocket on the same side as the smaller pocket. Lol wow try saying that 5 times in a row! Hopefully the pictures will help you understand what I’m trying to explain.

Hope your having an awesome Friday, time to go cuddle and watch a movie with my little one. 🙂 Always a blessing to relax with her, she makes me very happy!


XO Christina






Making a Quilt for my bed!

Hello, hope your Wednesday is going good! So I’ve been on an interesting adventure, I’ve finally decided to make a quilt for my queen sized bed! I know I know, I’ve told you I really don’t enjoy quilting, but since I’ve done the “quilt-as-you-go” method on my placemats, which I will post pictures of the finished table set, I’ve had a whole new light on quilting. Granted, the quilt I wanted to make for my bed isn’t a “quilt-as-you-go” method, but I’m actually having fun! HA who knew that I would learn to love to quilt. I will probably never end up selling them, just making them for myself or for gifts. There are too many quilters out there to compete with, plus I need to brush up on my skills a bit!!! u like

Anyway, on the quilt I still need to add another border for it to fit my bed properly, then add the backing and batting. But I could wait to take a picture when  it was done lol. I’m so impatient at times, and anxious to share it with you!

Well, hope you like it so far, let me know what you think! Thanks for reading, and have an awesome “hump” day.


P.S. I just pinned my quilt to the top of my front doorway lol, I didn’t really know how else to take a good picture of it. So as always, please forgive my photography!