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Busy Book for Christmas….

Hi there, so I wanted to share with you the busy Busy Book I just finished for my best friend Cynthia’s daughter. She called me a while ago and asked me to make one for her daughter for Christmas. Well, I know I’m early, but you know me, once I start a project I have to finish it. 🙂 SO, here are some pics of it. My daughter Bella was by my side, “testing the product” as I was finishing each page lol. She of corse asked me to make her another busy book with some of the features in this one, especially the potatoe head page.

So for those of you who have seen my previous blog posts, about a year ago I made one for Bella. Here’s a link to the post. “Cloth Busy Book”. Well, I’m sure you can see I made this one a little different. Honestly, this one is made way better!! Instead of hot glueing everything together, except the pages, I’ve sewn all the pieces/pages. It’s so much more sturdy and will hold up longer. At first I wasn’t really looking forward to changing thread colors, but then I remembered I had clear thread, so I just used that for the entire book! It actually was a lot easier to sew everything then to hot glue it. Saved me time and the pain of burning my fingers on tiny pieces of felt. 😉

All in all, I had a blast making it, and I’m pretty sure I will be making more. Well, I know I have to make one for Bella at least. I’m thinking I’m going add a noah’s ark page, and Jonah and the whale, maybe a brush your teeth page. I don’t know, I’ll figure it out, however, I do know that I will definitely be making one in the same manner as I made this one. NOT the kind I made for Bella originally, sheesh that one was a pain in the neck!

Well, that’s it for today, thanks for reading, hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!


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Hexagon Free Motion Quilted Pillow

So I have embarked on another knew adventure. While in the process of making the quilt for my bed, I took a little break. All that fabric for that quilt, whew, gets a bit overwhelming at times lol. Anyway, I made a hexagon quilted pillow case! It’s really a unique design, and so fun to make. I think the most fun was the “free motion quilting” part of this project. I can’t even explain to you how fun that was, being in complete control of where the thread goes, making my own design. Wow…now I have done this method before in the past, which was a great experience, I just never really incorporated it into a project. Needless to say I will definitely be making more pillows like this to accent my living room! I just need to get my quilt done first, thankfully I’m almost half way done. You know, I think I’m also going to use the free motion quilting technique in my quilt. HA talk about some major practice taking place with this one. 😉

Making this pillow has really helped me get yet another new light on the whole “quilting” controversy I have battled with. Like I’ve said before, I really am learning to love to quilt. So much so, that I think the next project, well, after this quilt, and pillows for my living room, will be a quilt for my daughter. She is turning into such a big girl, so I’m thinking her baby quilt I made for her is “out-dated” now lol. I will say, the most fun part of this one will be picking the fabric out for it. She always likes to comment on the fabrics I choose, giving her opinion of them. So it’ll be a joy to see which ones she likes and picks out for her quilt. Who knows, I’ll probably even l let her help me make it! I mean, she already sits on my lap when I sew sometimes now, so at least this way she can say that she not only watched me make it, but she helped me too!

Ok enough of me blabbing and bragging about my cute little three year old. Hope you have a fabulous day! Talk to you again soon!!






Custom Hand Painted, Heart Shaped Pillow…

Hello again, sorry it’s been a while, been a very busy lady. Lots of cleaning, and I’ve been overly obsessed with loosing weight. Ugh, thankfully I only have about 15 lbs to go and then I can finally put the “weight-loss” issue away, wohoo!
Anyway, I had a custom order for a hand painted, heart shaped pillow. The name on it is Lyla Rose, and I free handed most of the rose decor, the lettering was a stencil. I actually stuffed it myself too haha 😉 but overall, it turned out pretty cute!!

Well that’s it for now, have to go get my workout in before my little one wakes up. Hope your having an awesome day, and I’ll talk to you all again soon.

XOXO Christina


Disney/Pixar Cars Kid’s Duffle Bag

Good Morning, I’m so excited today! I just finished a custom order for a boys duffle bag. WOW, I was so caught off guard when I got this order, was not expecting it, and such a blessing! So anyway, they just don’t make Disney/Pixar Cars, double sided quilted fabric, so I had to quilt it myself. Well…sort of, I didn’t want to take the “awesomeness” of the print away, so I just basted the ends together before sewing up the bag. And I used a super thick fusible fleece instead of batting. This actually gave the bag more stability, and stayed in place while I was sewing it all together. 🙂

Overall, I think the bag came out great!! I gotta say, for my first “boy” item I’ve ever made, it looks just too stinking cute!

Well, hope you enjoy your day and the pics, I’ll blog again real soon!

XO ChristinaIMG_0353 IMG_0358 IMG_0359


Big Birthday Preparations for my soon to be 3 year old!

Today has been an amazing Tuesday, to start off, the weather was just PERFECT! It was sunny with clear blue sky’s and, get this, it was 81° with a beautiful breeze…sigh, like I said, just perfect. Anyway, I took my daughter to the park to play today, which finished with lunch and a walk by the creek. Then, towards the end of our visit, her grandmother aka “Mammy”, surprised us and took her home so I could go to the YMCA and sign little miss up for gymnastics class. All in all, a very eventful, yet not to exhausting, day!




On another note, I have be anxiously planning her BIG, 3 year old, Birthday party. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, in which we are going to the zoo, but her party is this Saturday. I have been going crazy making preparations for it. Ok, so maybe not crazy, but I’ve been stocking up on dcor, cake stuff, etc. Like last couple years, I’m going to me making her cake. This year I’ll be making cupcakes again, but I’m also going to be making her a huge cake sized cupcake. Hee Hee, I know it’s hard to explain, it’s ok though, you know I’ll be sharing lots of pictures with you guys. 🙂

So yea, here is a little something I’ve been working on for her party this weekend. I’m making my own little edible creations. For those who don’t know what that is, its fruit Kabobs that look like flowers. 😉 I’m super excited about these, I went to the dollar store and bought a couple plant pots and decked them all out real princessy!! I just painted them pink, stenciled some crowns and stars, which I made just from paper, and then just spray painted the pots with Mod Podge, a clear acrylic gloss. They turned out so cute, now just picture them with a floral arrangement of fruit kabobs…yummy and pretty and the same time!

Ok so enough of my blabbing, hope you enjoyed this post, and, as always, thanks for reading!!



Only FOUR more DAYS!!!!

HI all, sorry I have no pictures for you today, I have had little to no time to take any pictures of my progress. Of corse, I’m still working around the clock, was getting drained and  pretty tired. However, with the craft show in only four days, my excitement and adrenalin are starting to kick in again. I stayed up until 1:30 am last night/morning and woke up at 8am with my little Bella. You’d think I’d be tired…I’m not, my mind is racing. I don’t  think I even need any coffee this morning, which is a first lol. 🙂

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little post. Back to work now, talk to you all again very soon.

XO Christina

Gettin there…

Ok so I have managed to make a few more of those rectangle cosmetic bags, a large tote bag, and another beach bag. Wheew…I am beat, and this 100〫heat index is really taking a toll on me. My poor two year old, all she wants to do is play outside. It’s real fun trying to explain to her that at certain times of the day she has to stay inside so her skin doesn’t get “boo-boo’s”. 😦 Poor baby, thankfully, my in-laws are getting a pool installed soon so we will be able to enjoy this hot weather and stay cool.

Well, hate to keep doing this to you, but I must get back to work. Little miss went down for a nap finally, so that’s my cue to get back to work.

Hope you enjoyed this little blurb today, have an awesome day!!


p.s. I didn’t take photos of the cosmetic bags…honestly I forgot, and sorry, the photos aren’t as good a quality as could be, didn’t really have extra time to position them properly.