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Queen Elsa’s Skirt Finished!!!

Good Morning, afternoon, or evening, hope your having a wonderful day so far. I wanted to quick share with you my latest project…Queen Elsa’s skirt! YES for little miss Bella’s b-day bash. No I didn’t add a slit to the front of the skirt, if it wasn’t going to be a kids party then I could have, but I didn’t feel it was necessary. Anyway, it’s made of of sparkly, teal, satin, and let me tell ya, I didn’t realize how easy satin is to work with. It doesn’t have any give to it, and it’s a light/medium weight. Now normally I would have added a lining, but because it’s a costume and it’s only going to be worn for about 2 hours, I wasn’t worried about that. However, I had to add 2″ to the skirt length because the girl who is playing elsa is 5′ 9″!!

Quick tip: if you find your self in need to lengthen or shorten a pattern, well usually for shirt top patterns, there is a line already printed on the pattern to lengthen or shorten. However, most skirt patterns do NOT have that feature. SO the way you would adjust it is to find the hip of the pattern, measure about an inch down, from the hip, and draw a line across the entire width of the pattern. Cut on that line and lengthen or shorten to your desired length. In the picture below you’ll see a pattern piece to part of the corset top I’m making for part of Elsa’s top. It’s hard to see but this pattern came with a lengthen or shorten line, which I cut and had to lengthen it 4″ to fit the girl I’m making it for properly.


Ok so back to the skirt, I’ll just show you the picture of it, sorry again i’m NOT a photographer, and this picture definitely does NOT give the skirt justice. It’s not as dark as portrayed in the photo, it’s a little lighter and brighter, and sparklier haha!


Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day, and for those in northern areas, STAY WARM it’s bitter cold out there!!

XO Christina

BTW: I am using this pattern to make the skirt “F” and corset top “A”, except the corset top will have a V on the center front bottom, and will fit a little more snug,  like Elsa’s. So if your wanting to make a “queen Elsa” costume, this pattern may help you. The sleeves and the cape I’m making from scratch, haha I sound like I’m cooking. So I will try and make a small photo/tutorial of the cape and shirt when I make them.



New Summer Dresses for Bella

Over the past few days I’ve been sewing like crazy, I decided to make Bella some spring/summer dresses! They came out so good, in all honesty, I’ve had a few people ask me where I bought them. In which I replied with, of corse, I made them! Haha Bella is a great little model too! Such a proud momma I am, although, my little girl dresses better than me! 😉 What makes it even better, is that Bella gets super excited when I make her a new dress. She puts it on and twirls around in a big circle saying, “look mommy, look so pretty!” Hee hee so adorable!


This is a tunic dress pattern I used from the book, “One Yard Wonders” there’s a link there to it on Amazon!



I ended up having to shorten the elastic in the band in the back. Bella is so thin, that the length of the elastic the pattern calls for, well I had to cut it almost in half. Thankfully, it didn’t end up looking like a bunched up mess. IMG_0360

This one is my favorite, aside from her incredibly, adorable, cheesy grin, I actually made this one without a pattern. It took some time getting the measurements right and all that, but in the end it was well worth it! It’s just your classic little girl dress, or that’s what I call it. Also, not sure if you recognize the fabric, but I used this in a wallet and purse I made. Here is a blog link to see the wallet, I guess I never took a photo of the purse, so I posted a photo of it at the end of this blog…“My First Vinyl Women’s Wallet”.




I know it’s grainy, but I put a loop and button closure on the top of it. This is the first time I’ve ever incorporated this in a dress. Makes it easy to pull on and off with out killing  your self haha ;).


Here is the purse I made, it’s actually a clutch sized messenger bag. I thought I blogged about it in the past but I must not have, hmm if you find it let me know!

Well that’s it for today, thanks for reading.


Quilted Duffel Bag

Hello everyone, hope your having a wonderful day. Today, I made a my first ever, quilted duffel bag. It even has a zipper lol 😉 in which I’m usually not a big fan of those. Anyway, it’s the perfect size to shove under your seat on an airplane. In which, I’m sure you figured out by now, is exactly why I made it. Next month I will be traveling to visit my family in Florida, WOHOO! Unfortunately, now a days, on most airlines, you have to pay to bring an over head carry-on. UGH what a pain, so I made a duffel bag that is big enough to stick under my seat. Plus, it’s so much cuter than most duffel bags I’ve found in the stores!! Hee Hee gotta travel in style don’t cha know. 😉

Hmm, well that about wraps this up, I most likely will be making another one soon for Bella, this way we both can have a pretty good sized bag that won’t cost me EXTRA lol.

Thanks for reading, talk to you all again soon,


P.S. Again I’m a bad photographer, the bag looks all lumpy lol I guess I didn’t stuff it that well haha, and everything on it is even!

DSCN3207 DSCN3208 DSCN3210

My first “womens” skirt

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged. Life has been super crazy this past week. I wasn’t feeling so hot for a day or two, and now my little miss isn’t feeling so good.

Anyway, so I’ve been taking a few sewing classes lately, in which I am super excited to broaden my knowledge, and for the first time ever I am making a skirt!! It’s going to be for my mommy 🙂 I would show you a picture of the fabric, but she reads my blog and I want the skirt to be a surprise. I will, however, show you a picture of the type of skirt I’m making….

The one I’m making is the red striped one. But the fabric I’m using is much prettier!! So yeah, hope you like it, and hope your week is going well.

Thanks for reading


Buttercup bag

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend is going just fabulous. So in my hesitation and nervousness to attempt to make the amy butler blossom bag, I made this bag…

As you can see I sewed the straps on a little crooked, thankfully this bag is for me! However, I purchased a pattern, “Made by Rae sewing pattern…Buttercup Bag”, which not only includes two sizes of the bag but comes with a commercial license to sell. So awesome, so yeah working on perfecting it so I can start uploading them.

So anyways, let me know what you think…by the way, yes I will get to the Blossom bag, just working on building my self esteem! hee hee

XO Christina