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Quick Update….


Hello again, I know it’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to share with you. Unfortunately,  life has been crazy lately for me. Let’s see, where do I even begin…Well, this summer was awesome. We spent the day pool side pretty much, soaking up the sun before the bitter cold sets in. Oh, in which apparently it’s suppose to snow next weekend, ugh. Anyway, back to this summer, well I’ll just rattle off a list of everything.

My Mother-in-law got two chihuahua puppies named Pablo and Lily..so stinking cute!! Went to the zoo a few times. Bella started taking Ballet classes, Music classes, and Drama classes, I turned 25, woohoo my car issuance went down!! We went to Florida and Maryland to spend some much needed time visiting my family. My husband and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary, which marks 7 years of being together. Went to a wedding and celebrated the marriage of my husbands cousin, which brought back many wonderful memories. And last but not least, found out two people who are very close and dear to me are pregnant! One being my sister-in-law, her first, and the other my best friend, her second. So it’s baby bliss going on all around me!!!

So that about wraps up what these past few months have been like. Now I’m going sewing crazy making things for my SIL’s baby. They decided to do an aquatic theme for the nursery, which is very appropriate seeing as she lives in FLorida. So I’ve made a few little plushie’s for the baby, they are far from perfect, but still adorable. I’ll make more once we know what the baby is.

Well, thanks for reading, I’ve attached a few pics, hope you enjoy.


IMG_3176 IMG_3330 IMG_3430 IMG_3548 IMG_3539


New Years Resolutions and Finally home!!!

christina's banner 2!

Hi everyone, As you can see, we are finally back is Pennsylvania! Home sweet home, haha we were welcomed with snow and played in it all morning! Anyway, it’s been a CRAZY past few weeks. I have been vacationing in florida with my family, which was wonderful. I did sew a little more, but wasn’t able to blog about it. Time just got away from me, I mean seriously, it literally RAN from me, lol. I’m a little sad, yes, I do miss my family tremendously, but I’m so glad to be home. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed. 🙂 Plus, my little 2 year old has decided to enter into the tantrum and hitting phase, with which is best to deal with this at home. HA she is such a little stinker at times, oh well, God is definitely teaching me patience. 😉

So, here’s a quick note to bring in the new year!

My New Years “resolutions”
~Reconnect with my faith
~Weight Loss, only have 25 lbs to go until I’m at the weight I was on my wedding day! WOHOO
~Potty Training Bella
~Focus and spend more time with my family, (meaning my husband and daughter)
~Eat healthier

There are a few more but these are just the top five. 2013 a New Year to make memories, accomplish new things, hopefully this post has both entertained and helps encourage you. So do you have any resolutions this year?? If so, I’d love to hear them!

As always, thanks for reading, hope to hear from you all!

Modeling a new dress!!

Hi all, I know i’ts been a really long time since I last blogged. Sorry about that, my hubby took me and Bella to visit family for my birthday! it was so fun, we were staying with my aunt and uncle, who live on a lake in michigan. It was so fun and beautiful. We got some really great pictures of us, and of corse, all Bella wanted to do was play in the lake, chase the seagulls, and swing on the  beach playground swing set.


Anyway, after coming home and getting back into the groove of things, I have finally managed to sit down at my sewing machine. In which I am still super amazed at how awesome my new sewing machine is. 🙂 So yeah, I made Bella a new dress, I wanted to experiment with using ‘T-shirt” material. That kind of fabric is soft and perfect for little ones.

To make it, I just used one of Bella’s tank tops as a template for the top and attached a gathered skirt to it, with a pretty ribbon belt. I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think? It’s just real simple and comfortable, great for the rest of the summer.

Well, I hope your day is going great, talk to you all again soon!!



Craft show Success

Hello all my friends, YES my craft show was a success. It was a pretty small show at a fire house, I mean we literally just had the table we sat at as our section. And there wasn’t nearly half as much traffic as I wish there was, but what can you do it was my first one. I mainly went for the experience and as a bonus, I met some of the neatest people there, and got lots of pointers and advice. It was definitely an experience, I would not have wanted to miss. 🙂

Anyway, of all the things I forgot, it was my camera. Thankfully my sister-in-law took a picture with my phone camera, when we were done setting up. Sorry for the extremely poor quality of photo. Next craft show, I will definitely have lots more and better photos.

Thanks for reading and I hope your monday is going good!

XO Christina

Change purse and cosmetic bag

Hi again, so I have perfected and made another cute little change purse, and a larger version of it for a small cosmetic bag. This bag is so fun to make, so simple, and yet it looks so elegant. I have about 19 more of theses little change purses to make!!! YIKES I deff have my work cut out for me. I am in the process of putting together a few other design plans of bags for the craft show in Sept.  I’m just  waiting on some supplies I ordered to get started on them. Sigh…wow I have so much to do and so little time, but I’m still just bursting with excitement about it!! 🙂

Hope your day is going great, until next time.


Cute little Change purse!!

Hello again, so I have some exciting news. For the first time ever, I am going to be a vendor in a local craft show this September. I’m so stoked and I definitely have my work cut out for me. In the process of planning for this event, I have decided to make a “plethora” of tiny change purses, amongst other things.

I hand quilted the fabrics together, 🙂 and I’m so pleased at how that came out. Although, I still have some perfecting to do on it, but this is the first one. Usually it takes me a couple times to get it just right.

Anyway, I hope your having a wonderful day.


Flip Flop Beach Bag

Hello again, first, let me apologize for being absent for a while. I have been battling a really bad cough/sinus infection. And unfortunately, the antibiotic my doctor prescribed, caused me to have a sever allergic reaction, which landed me in the hospital.  😦 Thankfully, they were able to catch it in time before anything super serious happened. A short while after this, my little one caught a stomach bug…ICK. I now know what it’s like to deal with projectile vomiting, not fun.

Anyway, aside from all that drama, things are getting back to normal. I was finally able to sit down and finish this beach bag, and get it uploaded into my shop. I hope you like it, and let me know what you think!!

Thanks for reading and I hope your thursday is going great!!


Flip Flop Beach Bag