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Disney/Pixar Cars Kid’s Duffle Bag

Good Morning, I’m so excited today! I just finished a custom order for a boys duffle bag. WOW, I was so caught off guard when I got this order, was not expecting it, and such a blessing! So anyway, they just don’t make Disney/Pixar Cars, double sided quilted fabric, so I had to quilt it myself. Well…sort of, I didn’t want to take the “awesomeness” of the print away, so I just basted the ends together before sewing up the bag. And I used a super thick fusible fleece instead of batting. This actually gave the bag more stability, and stayed in place while I was sewing it all together. 🙂

Overall, I think the bag came out great!! I gotta say, for my first “boy” item I’ve ever made, it looks just too stinking cute!

Well, hope you enjoy your day and the pics, I’ll blog again real soon!

XO ChristinaIMG_0353 IMG_0358 IMG_0359



Quilted Duffel Bag

Hello everyone, hope your having a wonderful day. Today, I made a my first ever, quilted duffel bag. It even has a zipper lol 😉 in which I’m usually not a big fan of those. Anyway, it’s the perfect size to shove under your seat on an airplane. In which, I’m sure you figured out by now, is exactly why I made it. Next month I will be traveling to visit my family in Florida, WOHOO! Unfortunately, now a days, on most airlines, you have to pay to bring an over head carry-on. UGH what a pain, so I made a duffel bag that is big enough to stick under my seat. Plus, it’s so much cuter than most duffel bags I’ve found in the stores!! Hee Hee gotta travel in style don’t cha know. 😉

Hmm, well that about wraps this up, I most likely will be making another one soon for Bella, this way we both can have a pretty good sized bag that won’t cost me EXTRA lol.

Thanks for reading, talk to you all again soon,


P.S. Again I’m a bad photographer, the bag looks all lumpy lol I guess I didn’t stuff it that well haha, and everything on it is even!

DSCN3207 DSCN3208 DSCN3210

Cushion covers with a zipper!!

Hello again, so this past week has been quite an adventure. It has so dreary, cold, rainy, and no sun!  So it’s been a bit of a challenge to find things to do to keep my 2 year old pre occupied. Thank heavens for indoor playgrounds, at fast food restaurants, if it weren’t for those, I think my little one would be bored out of her mind. She was so cute, yesterday, She asked if she could go outside and play on her swing, we had to say no because it’s raining and the swing is wet. She is so smart, she actually went and got a towel and said, “ok, dry it off!” Poor baby, hopefully it will stop raining soon so we aren’t confined to stay indoors.

Anyway, my MIL asked me to make her some durable cushion covers. Originally she was going to make the covers herself with a fold over back, so she would be able to easily take the pillows out. But, that requires a lot more fabric, plus, I mentioned to her adding a zipper would be more convenient and cost effective. So I sort of…adopted the project lol.  Anyway, I just finished making them, and I only took a picture of one, but there are actually six cushion covers.

Over all this project was pretty quick and easy to make. I was thinking about doing a tutorial on how to add a zipper to your pillow/cushion cover, what do you think? Let me know if you think that would be beneficial or not. 🙂

As always thanks for reading,


Cute little Change purse!!

Hello again, so I have some exciting news. For the first time ever, I am going to be a vendor in a local craft show this September. I’m so stoked and I definitely have my work cut out for me. In the process of planning for this event, I have decided to make a “plethora” of tiny change purses, amongst other things.

I hand quilted the fabrics together, 🙂 and I’m so pleased at how that came out. Although, I still have some perfecting to do on it, but this is the first one. Usually it takes me a couple times to get it just right.

Anyway, I hope your having a wonderful day.


A skirt and a purse

I was up really late last night playing around with my new sewing machine! Before I knew it it was 1 am and I was forcing myself to put down the fabric and go to bed. 🙂 Anyway, here are some previews of the things I did last night. Like I said I just couldn’t stop sewing.

<<<<<<My machine comes with a threader! How cool is that!:)

Loving the large variety of stitches, even embroidery                         stitches! >>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<A cute little purse I whipped up last night!

Another gathered skirt>>>>>>> I am working on perfecting! This one goes to my little sister Sofia. She is the lucky one who gets to keep all the skirts I am practicing with.